The history behind Kolkata Biryani – best Biryani restaurant in Kolkata

The name Biryani is originated from two Persian words ‘Birinj’ (means rice) & ‘Biryan’ (means to roast), it’s an orthodox dish of roasted rice with meat. Though it was originated in Persia, brought to India by the Mughals. Nowadays a fusion way of cooking, even Fish (Hilsa), Prawn, or vegetables can also be roasted with rice to form different forms of fusion Biryanis.

Why is Kolkata biryani different from others?

In India, orthodox Biryani has mainly four gharanas (cooking style based on different places) – Mughal Biryani, Oudhi Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani & South-Indian Biryani. Kolkata can offer you all the original style of Biryanis in yellow-colored aromatic basmati rice with added potato, tender meat along a very special signature touch of saffron & kewra water. There’re some most popular Biryani cuisines in Kolkata, let’s unveil their uniqueness.

Why does Kolkata biryani have potatoes?

Potato or Aaloo is a very special ingredient in Kolkata Biriyani. It is said that when Nawab of Lucknow Wajid Ali Shah exiled to Kolkata by the British & settled in the Metiabruz area. He had a shortage of money, that’s why to restrict the cost & amount of meat in biryani, the deep-fried potato was added by his chefs, formed a new signature style. Slightly sweet in taste Kolkata biryani has the meat marinated in yogurt, red chili powder, turmeric & salt. Lighter use of whole spices like nutmeg, green cardamom, cinnamon, mace, cloves, and of course saffron, adds a very unique flavor indeed.

Another version is the Portuguese bought potatoes in India. And that time the imported potato was a very special delicacy. Hence to make the biryani special, Kolkata biriyani meets potato.

kolkata biryani recipe

Arsalan Biryani

Here Biriyani is a bit oilier & spicier but very much consistent in taste & flavor. The quantity and quality are balanced too. The original branch is in Park circus though there’re many franchise outlets across the city and the one in Chinar park you shouldn’t miss out.

28, Circus Avenue, Near 7 Point Crossing, Park Circus Area

Arsalan Address

Royal Biryani –

Located in busy Esplanade area, here biriyani is a bit spicier but very interesting fact is unlike other biryani in Kolkata, Royal biryani comes without potato (aaloo). They replace the potato with small meatballs (called “moti”) and ‘makhna” (used mostly in rezala dishes). This innovative twist makes Royal biryani exceptional.

Oudh 1590 Deshapriya Park

Here the biriyani is Oudhi (Lucknow) style. This biryani is prepared in a little bit over-cooked style with richness but less spicy. This is invented to serve the need of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah (Nawab of Lucknow) and as a tribute to him. The Nawab had weak teeth so biryani must be soft on the palate. Oudhi gharana signature recipe overwhelmed your palate here.

Shop 23/B, Desapriya Park

Oudh 1590 Address

Biriyani recipe

Aminia Biryani-

Biriyani here in Aminia is less spicy/ less oily but without compromising the taste of course. So comparatively it’s healthier when it comes to the famous double mutton biryani which also offers lesser rice. Don’t forget to ask for “virgin mojito” here. It also has many franchise outlets across the city to serve you over Swiggy/ Zomato.

6A, S.N. Banerjee Road, New Market Area

Aminia Address

Zam Zam Biryani-

Another authentic biriyani junction at Kidderrpore is of course Zamzam. Here most special delicacy is beef-biryani. If you can go with beef then, Beef biryani with beef-malai & ghol (yogurt sharbat) is a must here.

(i) 28/A, Syed Amir Ali Avenue

(ii) 9/1, Noor Ali Lane, Entally

Zam zam address

India Restaurants

This is at Kidderpore or Khidirpur, and here the biryani variety is ‘dariyabadi biryiani’, which is a form of ‘Kacchi Biryani’. It consists of dry fruits and the delicacy is very special.

34, Karl Marx Sarani, Kidderpore

India Restaurant

Dada Boudi Biryani Barrackpore / Dada Boudi Biryani Sodepur

This restaurant is located far north of the city Barrackpore & Sodepur area. The Biryani here is very rich, spicier, and oilier but you’ll be surprised to see a large size chicken or mutton piece. The salad and special green chatni add a true delicacy to it.

12/10, S.N. Bannerjee Road, Barrackpore

Dada Boudi Biryani

Shiraz Biryani

75 years old this traditional outlet’s biryani is exceptional because of its delicate taste, meat recipe in biryani & the potato which adds a perfect symphony.

135, Behind Neuro Science Hospital, Park Circus, Beniapukur, Park Street Area

Shiraz Address

Let us know which one is your favourite biryani corner in Kolkata in the comment box?

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