Return of Mirzapur season 2 on Amazon Prime, Mirzapur season 2 trailer is soaring – review?

Mirzapur season 2 on Amazon Prime is the most searched TV series of late followed by the Sacred games on Netflix with a record-breaking viewership. 9-episode Mirzapur season 1 was released in 2018 (Mirzapur release date was on 16 November 2018), a crime thriller in desi Indian backdrop has made Mirzapur a world of terror. Though Mirzapur has many similarities with Gangs of Wasseypur, in my opinion, the former one was way more natural than the Mirzapur web series, here excessive use of abusive & hard languages appears slightly forced.

Mirzapur season 2 release date: October 23, 2020

Mirzapur Plot & season 1 Climax: The story circle around the king of Mirzapur, Kaleen bhaiya and his arms & drug peddle; the plot forays into how two ordinary boys enmeshed into the dark world and linked to Tripathi house and thereby some extreme twists and turns follow.

In the climax of Mirzapur season 1, at a friend’s wedding party in a shootout, Munna kills Bablu, Sweety, and brutally injures Guddu; and Kaleen kills two policemen to sustain the fear among the public. While in Tripathi house Beena gets very upset by his family/father-in-law and looking for a gun to get revenge.

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Mirzapur cast :

Munna Bhaiya – He is my most favorite Mirzapur season 1 cast, Divyendu Sharma was spot on in his heartless, abusive character from the first episode until the last one; coming from a comedy background (Pyaar Ka Punchnama/ Chashme Baddor) he showed a lot of versatility.

Mirzapur Guddu bhaiya – Played by Ali Fazal; he & his brother Bablu (Vikrant Massey) superbly get to the skin of the character with a local accent & college boy attitude.

Mirzapur Kaleen bhaiya – In his role Pankaj Tripathi (father or Munna and King of Mirzapur) seems a bit subdued & sometimes straight-faced; with the potential he has, I think he’ll excel in coming Mirzapur season 2.

Golu (Mirzapur golu real name is Shweta Tripathi) as Gajgamini seems a very bold and confident girl who stand against all odds and win against Munna in the college election; she will be a game-changer in season 2 from the looks of the recently released trailer

mirzapur web series cast

Though I didn’t like Kulbhushan Kharbanda (played the father of Kaleen & grandfather of Munna) & Rasika Duggal’s (Mirzapur actress who played Beena, wife of Kaleen bhaiya & sex maniac) characters in season one –

  • All over the season, Kulbhushan only watches animals mating on Discovery – unnecessary fantasizing!
  • Rashika’s role was more passive, though she & Shweta Tripathi are expected to be the game-changer in next season

Mirzapur season 2 cast: As per the recently released Mirzapur trailer (season 2) Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Isha Talwar, Vijay Varma, and Rasika Dugal played the pivotal roles. So, I’m expecting the edge of the seat thriller will continue in season 2 as well.

Mirzapur poster (P.C. Google)

Recently released Mirzapur 2 trailer review –

From the looks of the Mirzapur 2 trailer, it’s apparent that Guddu will be coming back for revenge for his brother with the help of Golu. There’ll be some new entries of grey-shaded characters who are eagerly waiting to take down Tripathi & Mirzapur. But the key question is who will be the next King of Mirzapur? We saw how Munna is playing behind his father, Kaleen is supremely competent yet shaky in family matters and fierce Guddu has nothing to lose. But for sure more bodies will pile up again.

As the season 1 cliff-hanging climax, the season 2 is expected to be a full-fledged action thriller again. However, I’ve to accept that the web series is somewhat overhyped and, in my opinion, nowhere near to Sacred Games /or Gangs of Wasseypur. Excel Entertainment (co-produced by Farhan Akhtar) must have worked hard to promote this web series.

mirzapur vs sacred games

When mirzapur season 2 will release : October 23, 2020

Overall, my rating for season one is 8/10, and I’m hoping Mirzapur season 2 will exceed all expectations.


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