JL50 Review – Is it worth streaming?

JL50 is a time travel thriller via Indian mythology. In this real world, there’re so many stories & incidents that claimed real without any clinching evidence, that’s why the time travel concept is also considered a paradox. The theory simply states that with or without a time machine, we can travel to the past & future. There is a concept of space-time curvature and wormhole, if one can find the coordinates of wormholes in space-time curvature, he/she can travel to the past or future through that.

Director – Shailender Vyas

Cast – Abhay Deol, Pankaj kapoor, Ritika Anand, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma

Ratings – 7/10 (extra 0.5 for the unique time travel movie genre)

Realised in – Sony Liv

In the Western world, there are so many time travel novels & movies, few popular ones are: ‘Harry Potter’ series, ‘Interstellar’, ‘The Lake House’, ‘Insidious’ & many more. JL50 web series is a pioneer to portray time travel to Indian audiences.

JL50 is a thriller series, so without spoiling the charm, let’s go straight to the storyline – it’s in the hills of West Bengal where a plane is found crashed. CBI gets the intelligence that a flight AO26 has been hijacked. Hence the team goes to the spot in suspect that the crushed plane is the hijacked one but found it’s another flight JL50. There are only two survivors found in the cockpit – the pilot (played Ritika Anand) & another passenger (played Piyush Mishra) while all other passengers are burned badly. Investigation reveals that the JL50 took off from the then Calcutta airport 35 years ago in 1984 and crashed in 2019. So the question arises where was JL50 since these 35 years? Shantanu (Abhay Deol) & Gauranga (Rajesh Sharma) then starts the investigation to find if it’s a staged incident or real?

Quantum physicist B.C Mitra was a passenger of the flight JL50; so what was he doing in the cockpit? Prof. Das was a trustworthy assistant of Scientist Mitra then; now after 35 years how he is connected to this? What is the fact of flight AO26 hijacking? Who is the separatist organization leader & how he and scientist Mitra connected? Pilot Bihu Ghosh was pregnant in 1984 & gave birth to a boy said born dead; was the boy dead? If not then what happened to the boy & how he is also connected to this plot? All these questions in this thriller answered very satisfactorily. The ending has been rested on the viewer’s explanation. They can conclude it was real-time travel or, just imagination; but there is a clue where the director clears his intention, viewers have to spot that.

The camera angles and editing are very good. The screenplay is engaging. There is a clue for season 2. Unlike ‘Avenger-Endgame’ here time travel to the past do not create a parallel present rather it indicates that if we change something in past it reflects on the present. This treatment makes the theme more understandable to the audience.

Web series on OTT platforms are nowadays getting cliché of dark contents like crime-mafia-drug-sex; hence the subject line of this web series is unique & producers must deserve my eulogy. Viewers will certainly applaud to explore & enjoy a new genre in the Indian OTT Platform which can be enjoyed by sitting together with family.


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