“Feluda: Shabash Topshe” – Do you know the Bengali meaning of Shabash?

‘Shabash Topse’ – this way, number of times, Bengalis most beloved fictional detective ‘Feluda’ used to praise his cousin assistant ‘Topesh’. We the’ Feluda’ lovers, familiar to it very much.

But any idea why the word shabash is used to praise someone or, something? from where it has come?

One of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran from 1501-1736 was the Safavid dynasty. And 5th Shahvid Shah of Iran was Shah Abbas or, Abbas the Great. He did reign between 1588 – 1629. The Safavid King is considered the greatest ruler of Persian history. The King, not only had an outstanding knowledge of warfare but, administration, architect-sculpture & so many things. In his time the Ottoman Empire was the greatest threat to Iranian Emperors & he prevented them.  

Under his leadership, Iran developed the Ghilman system where thousands of Circassian, Georgian, Armenian slave-soldiers join the civil-administration & army. Thus he managed to eclipse the power of Qizilbash in the civil-administration & defeat the Ottomans & Uzbeks in war. He moved his Kingdom’s capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, making the city pinnacle of Safavid architecture. He improved the infrastructure & roads of his Kingdom; build hotels for pilgrims and bridges to connect places. Also his capital Isfahan was then called ‘Nesafh e Jahan’ (half of the world).

Shah Abbas

The Persian word ‘Shabash’ came from the name of Shah Abbas and to praise something or, someone’s achievement, the word is used.

Henceforth the word Shabash is adapted not just to Indian languages but Georgian, Azerbaijan, Turkish, and many others.

Mal Mash Importance


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