Amazon Prime – Breathe II, web debuting Abhishek Bachhan

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Nitya Menon, Amit Sadh

Director: Mayank Sharma

Overall Rating: 6/10, out of which 2.5 for an interesting screenplay

Amazon Prime’s hit web content ‘Breathe’ comes with the new season, web debuting Abhishek Bachchan with the director Mayank Sharma. The writer duo Mayank Sharma, Abhijit Deshpande of season 1 together with co-writers (Bhavani Iyer, Arshad Sayed, Vikram Tuli) kept the basic essence similar to season 1 – a father’s helplessness, vulnerability for his offspring, and how far he can push his limits to save his child by taking one. Although the plots are different, a sense of comparison with the first season automatically comes to the viewer’s mind, is narrated below.



Psychiatrist Dr. Avinash Savarwal (Abhishek Bachchan) & his wife Ava, a professional chef (Nitya Menon) have their daughter Siya (Ivana Kaur), who was kidnapped from a birthday party. This kidnapping remained clueless through police investigation for nine months & then suddenly a video comes into the air which contains the sufferings of Siya in these months & instructions for Dr. Avinash to kill someone. Now the father is in jeopardy – the punch of a thriller. Meanwhile, the case is assigned to a hot-tempered inspector, Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) who unveils the killer as the story progresses.



Very interesting screenplay and the camera angles are very creative. The introductory drone shot and the shot where Avinash was lying on to a sofa & the camera follows from a top angle to a linear lower angle are fabulous; Also crowd shots are very unique especially where the crowd looks like acting as professionals, no one is looking at the camera neither paying attention to the stars. However poor color efforts to create a pure feel of thrill & suspense were disappointing.


Up to a certain episode, the story theme is – who did it & after that why did that, but both the themes are equally engaging.

Here the kidnapper’s style of messaging in a videotape with a joker-face certainly reminds some of the viewers of the ‘SAW’ movies.

The storyline echoes manifolds of ‘Ravana’, the mythological demon who is generally symbolised as the vice, but he too has some unparallel virtue. The great warrior had intense knowledge in ethology & music. He created many ‘Ragas’ of classical music was a great’ veena’ player too. Ravana is within every human, here in the story he is incarnated in Avinash as “J”. From childhood “J” remains dormant in Avinash who gradually takes control at the end and possibly it’ll persist till he executes rest of his victims (season 3)


Not so great digital debut of Abhishek Bachchan:

Abhishek portrayed the forlorn father’s character with all the shades of dilemmas, inner clash & helplessness of a father who has a profound love for his daughter. Yet in a few scenes, it seems Bachchan junior is trying hard to justify the character.


Great comeback of Amit Sadh:

Two characters are the same since the last season, Inspector Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) & Sub-inspector Prakash Kamble (Hrishikesh Joshi), but in this season Amit Sadh is more impressive with his muscular appearance and thoughtful hunches despite too much media & department pressure.


South actress Nitya Menon is just outstanding, playing the little girl ‘Siya’ is also great. Saiyami Kher’s character (Sharlie) may have a little bit shine more.


What is C-16 in Breathe:

C-16 is the silver lining in the story, while ‘J’ took Avinash’s revenge by taking Ravana’s heads but seven more heads of Ravana’s are still breathing. C-16 can be many things possibly the seat number of the abandoned cinema hall where ‘J’ kidnapped ‘Siya’, he might have covered the next victim’s name there or the pneumatic drug PKRi to bring out the Ravana within, or could be the hotel room number. However, this is very clear that C-16 has some connection with the next victim which ‘J’ decided to execute by Sharlie (Saiyami Kher) this time.

Unrealistic prolonged episodes:

The series comprises of 12 episodes of 45 mins each, almost 9 hrs long running time may give the feel of breathlessness to viewers not because of its exciting plot, and twists and turns but the impractical lengthy episodes.


Finally, the mask in the kidnapper’s den may remind of another web series ‘Asur’, but ‘Asur’ was far more thrilling. The overall effort of Breathe 2 is acclamatory, but many choosy viewers may miss the ecstasy of Breathe 1.


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