Aashram season 2 review: Baba Nirala’s unfolding story plodded monotonously

Finally, the wait is over, the much-awaited web series Aashram season 2 is back on MX Player. Overall the story is a continuation of Aashram season 1 revealing the dark side of Baba Nirala. Yet if you think exposing Baba Nirala completely, no you’ve to wait until next season! Aashram season 2 only reveals how Pammi is managed to escape from the Aashram to get her revenge. The pace of Aashram 2 is very slow & too many useless characters & Plots (Tinka Singh’s music events, CM Sundarlal’s & Hukum Singh’s prolonged political affairs..) appear languid and certainly make you feel monotonous.

Aashram season 2 rating:

Ashram season 1 depicts the deep inside structure of fraud Hindu ashram considerably well. So now it’s time to uncover the truth behind the dark side of ashram but the slow pace of this web series couldn’t match up to the expectation. It’s dull & monotonous, so we rate it 4/10.

Aashram season 2 release date and time: November 11, 2020

Aashram Director: Prakash Jha

Aashram cast:

Baba Nirala: Bobby Deol gets well to the skin of the character. His rapist appearance in Chapter 2 is much more revealing yet he covers it well with his soft & quiet looks and manages to wield his fellow devotees; perhaps this is his career-defining best onscreen performance.

Bhopa: He is my most favorite Aashram cast, Chandan Roy Sanyal was spot on in his cruel but calm attitude & heartless character. But surprisingly in chapter 2, he gets fewer appearances & dialogues make it feel dull.

Bhopa Bhai
One of the finest acting by Bhopa Swami in Aashram

Pammi: Aaditi Pohankar made adequate justice to this bold & confident character. She is the face of women devotees who stand against Aashram and will be the gamechanger in Ashram’s next chapter.

Baba Nirala with Pammi in Ashram

Akki: Played by Rajeev Siddhartha, is given much importance than the previous season, excelled well in his supporting character.

Two significant ladies Tridha Choudhury (as Babita), Anupriya Goenka (Dr. Natasha) look very ordinary. Although Darshan Kumaar (Inspector Udjagar), Tushar Pandey (Satti) are excellent in their respective roles.

Tridha Choudhury as Babita in Aashram
Aashram Season 1 review

Aashram Chapter 2 Review (MX Player): 

  • Cunning Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) has made Aashram a brothel, raped Babita (Tridha Chowdhury) by persuading his husband Satti (Tushar Pandey) to undergo castration as an act of purification.
  • Mohini’s sister Sohini is being killed by Ashram’s muscle men.
  • Ashram pushes drugs through Laddu and sells across the market, also has a de-addiction center, to look noble to the outer world.
  • Police Inspector Udjagar (Darshan Kumaar) & Sadhu (Vikram Kochhar) enters the Aashram as a drug addict with the help of doctor Natasha (Anupriya Goenka) and journalist Akki (Rajeev Siddhartha) & collected important evidence against the ashram but eventually deceived by his own department.
  • Meanwhile, Baba being the mastermind defeats chief minister Sundarlal and elects Hukum Singh – political affairs seem unnecessarily stagnated in this season.
  • Pammi, a blind believer of Baba, being fooled (through drugged laddu) and raped by Baba.
  • “Baba Laayenge Kranti”, Baba’s rockstar Tinka Singh (Adhyayan Suman) makes public gatherings but it ridiculously fails to impress.
  • Rebellion Pammi, at last, manages to flee with the help of Akki and preparing for revenge. After so much unnecessary flab in the long-running episodes, you’d be jaded.

Aashram chapter 2 rating: Japnam flops

Disappointing! Unlike chapter 1, after an intriguing pitch, everyone was eagerly waiting for the Aashram chapter 2 but alas! Chapter 2 episodes are boring with its monotonous pace. The screenplay could’ve been much better but ultimately all attempts to debunk the brutal reality of ashram are still missing! All said and done, you can skip it, not worth streaming.

Aashram season 2 download: https://www.mxplayer.in/


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