‘Aarya’, Susmita Sen with her power pack comeback performance

Nowadays over-the-top platforms are very popular not just because of the viewer’s comfort but also the contents are coming with a lot of variety. Dark sided crime background plot, containing – police, mafia, chasing, smuggling, killings are the most popular content as psychologically it appeals to the sublime, subconscious dark zone of the human mind.  

In ‘Aarya’ (now streaming on Hotstar), there is an additional angle of mythology; but, being made of with trendy way, it is far beyond average & touches the special tag. The director trio Ram Madhwani, Sandip Modi & Vinod Rawat tuned the series in a perfect note as they present it from a women’s perspective. Not in UP & Delhi, the story place is Rajasthan which is also an interesting thing.


 Aarya’s father is a Drug Mafia King. Her brother Sangram (Ankur Bhatia)& husband Tez (Chandrachur Singh) & friend Jawahar (Namit Das)take the charge later. In their field, they plant Opium, from which Poppy & Heroin both can be extracted in the laboratory. They choose the poppy drug business which runs under the shadow of a Pharmaceutical Company but not heroin though that is more profitable. One day Sangram seized 300 crore heroin of Heroine King Shekhawat (Manish Chowdhury). In consequence, Tez gets killed. Now, enemies are all around, who killed whom, whom to trust, whom to not, who is envy…. plot tights up. The business, Aarya always hated, eventually she had to take over the charge of that to save the family.

Apart from the usual crime drama the passions, emotions of all the characters have been written & executed very interestingly. The shades of characters, twist in the story, binds up throughout 9 episodes. Khan performs salah(namaz) in front of Aarya’s house; Sampat gives a sanitary napkin pad to kidnapped Aaru; these tiny tiny nuances appeals a lot. Thanks to the makers for crafting scenes with such minute details & humanitarian touch. Some old days songs just complete the icing on the cake there. 

The basic Poppy-Heroin plot may remind some of us the 1973 released 007 movie ‘Live & Let Die’ though it is originally based on the Dutch Web Series ‘Penoza’ by Pieter Bart Korthuis. Such plots often pay tributes to the classic -‘Godfather’ &’ Aarya’ is no exception. However, its appreciable because of its making.   

However, in some scenes where Aarya got shattered, betrayed, desolated, Sen’s promptness could have been better. After a long interval, Sushmita Sen gets such a powerful character, with the magnificent screen presence she fights with her fellow co-actors to dazzle.



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