Tik Tok is the beginning of China’s mission to becoming the global A.I. superpower

When your TikTok video or TikTok song gets thousands of likes & tiktok followers within few hours, it naturally feels great to become the popular guy, isn’t it? During the pandemic, tiktok download crossed 2 billion mark worldwide while India (611 million), China (197 million) & USA (166 million) are the top three countries in the list according to the Sensor Tower report. It’s clear that with the popularity & simplicity of the tiktok app, people gets addicted too quickly and but just wait – WHO are these millions of tiktok followers & are they REAL or FAKE !!


What is tiktok? Tik Tok’s parent company is a Chinese multinational, ByteDance Ltd and it is powered by ByteDance AI Lab. As we know there’s no freedom of press in China, every organization must share their data with the Chinese Govt so every Tik Tok user’s data are currently with Chinese Govt. Are you still thinking how can tiktok apk or  make such a difference for an individual?


Tik Tok is the beginning of China’s ‘2030’ mission – becoming the global A.I. superpower


Why is Trump banning tiktok : does tiktok collect data from you?

  • It tracks your exact location, GPS signal feed every 30 sec (Tik Tok never discloses it!)
  • Even if you turned off the location feed or using a VPN, it can still collect data from your SIM card or your social media account (Again ! hacking your social identity)
  • Images, audio, camera, SD card access (personal data of your device)
  • Device info like device id, memory, CPU, scree size etc. (personal data)
  • Your login IP address, DNS server, MAC address (loop holes for Cyber theft)
  • What other apps are installed and all historical apps data (previous transactions)
  • It monitors your keystrokesaccess files in your phone, may get the net banking details like user id/ password
  • Tik Tok uses ‘http’, not ‘https’ (not a secured server, lack of encryption)
  • Tik Tok does a local proxy server setup in your phone for transcoding the media (can host a BotNet attack)
  • Tik Tok stores your data even after you deleted your account (violation of privacy policy)


Is Tiktok getting banned in the US?

  • In small scale it might look trivial but in larger perspective if Chinese Govt wants to use these data against any countriy it could be disastrous; China already combines a gigantic amount of data with talent, companies, research and capital to build the world’s leading AI ecosystem. And that’s why Indian Govt asked Google & Apple to take down ‘tiktok india’ from the App store while US, UK, Australia, HongKong are seriously considering .

Trump banning tiktok? Trump told reporters he’ll use executive power to ban TikTok On the other hand, yesterday Trump agreed to give 45 days to ByteDance to negotiate TikTok sale to Microsoft Corp

  • Why is Trump trying to ban tiktok? China had previously hacked many defense servers of UK/ US, so it is very much possible for them to use the Tik Tok data to hack millions of smartphones of any country and use them as connected BOTs. And then perform DDoS (Denial of Service attack), spread malwares to steal sensitive information from Defense servers, Bank data and many more.
  • This App is also too dangerous for Kids hosting inappropriate contents, & pornography; one example could be the New Zealand mosque attack video. It has already been fined in the US for illegally collecting information on children.

TikTok Pro:

While tiktok banned in India in June’2020 but “TikTok Pro” came into the market just after that, which is sending a fake SMS/ WhatsApp messages: “Enjoy Tik Tok video & create creative video once again. Now tiktok 2020 is only available in (Tik Tok Pro) then download from below link…” And the download link contains malwares. Likewise let’s not click on any tiktok songs, tiktok videos or tiktok money calculator links, this could be a worm or trojan.


So this is a question of national security more than individual hacks when it comes to threats like Chinese hacking. Therefore in the latest move Indian Govt banned 47 more Chinese apps (TikTok Lite, Helo Lite, ShareIt Lite, Bigo Lite and VFY Lite etc.) operating as cloned ones of the 59 previously banned apps in India last month. 


Last Sunday Microsoft confirmed that it plans to seal the TikTok deal (microsoft tiktok) with Chinese parent company ByteDance after having a discussion with president Trump and Microsoft also ensured that the data of American people will not be shared with any countries and everything would remain in America.

Although we don’t know yet ‘Is Trump banning tiktok’, ‘did Microsoft buy tiktok’ or ‘who bought tiktok’, but now it’s your choice if you’re going to search again ‘most shared tiktok video’ or ‘cloud bread recipe tiktok’ ?


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