‘Patriot Hacking’ by China over Indian digital platforms

Last two decades national cross-border hacking is on the rise. There’re proofs that many Govt agencies hire a bunch of hackers to perpetrate other country’s military facilities, embassies, defense ministry, and many other sensitive departments.

Recently we see while Chinese and Indian troops engaged in cross border face-offs, China is also orchestrating cyber-attack on every sector & digital platforms of India. This is a classic example of Patriot hacking like cyber warfare tries to shut down the internet facility of another country through invisible hackers. However, this is not the first time.


Google v/s Chinese Govt:

Google was launched in China in 2006 and was pull out sooner due to a massive hack on Google server by the Chinese Govt. Simply the reason was Chinese Govt wasn’t allowing its people to be anonymous over internet, so Govt asked Google to disclose people’s identity which Google denied. So Govt ran a campaign through Social Engineering attack to hack Chinese people’s systems who worked in Google that time. Here thousands of hackers pretend to be a different guy over social networking sites who talked over a period be friendly, shared files (injected worms/ malware) into victim’s computers and in a way break into Google’s firewall and secure databases. Google was obviously so pissed off and left China in 2010.


Iran Nuclear Cookie recipe fraud

Ten years back Iranian Govt was working on Nuclear weapons which the western countries didn’t like much. So American agents, CIA/ NSA, and Israelis jointly hacked the Nuclear facilities of Iran. It was the Stuxnet worm used to infect the computers & OS of the nuclear plant. It could be that the virus was either placed in Iranian scientist’s computers at some conference or planted in the servers much before they were shipped (Zero-day attack) to Iran. In the end, American/Israeli hackers replaced the important research papers, nuclear recipes by how to make Choco chips cookies recipe. Iranian Govt was naturally very furious and declared internet shutdown across the country as a result.


China is considered to have the largest cyber hacking contingency in the world, hundreds of thousands of full-time hackers; they previously have hacked the US & UK dept of Defense, State depts, military facilities, and many more. Similarly, countries like North Korea and Pakistan, also depend on their full-time hackers to feed their Govt. These Govts earn billions of dollars a year through hacking, they normally hack banks to steal money or use Ransomware type attacks.


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