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In this GK question answer series, you’ll find the gk quiz in English, current affairs, general science questions and answers for UPSC, SSC, WBCS, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services, state governments job recruitment examinations of India.

GK Quiz: Physics

  1. The unit of measurement of the intensity of sound is – decibel(dB)
  2. Sound can not travel in a vacuum
  3. The audible range of sound for the human being is 20Hz to 20000Hz
  4. The time period of a simple pendulum doesn’t depend upon its mass, shape, size and also it’s amplitude
  5. The pendulum clock becomes slow on taking it at high altitude and in-depth
  6. In the center of earth g=0, hence the time period of a pendulum in the center of the earth is infinity
  7. The use of the Doppler effect is in sonar system in submarines and in radar system in aircrafts
  8. Vibration at a frequency beyond 20000Hz – ultrasonic vibrations
  9. Vibration at a frequency below 20Hz  – infrasonic vibration
  10. A man is standing on a weighing machine in a lift that is moving. The weighing machine will show minimum reading when the lift is moving – in a free fall due to gravity
  11. A man standing on a boat in still water. If he walks toward the shore, then the boat will – move away from the shore
  12. A goalkeeper in a game of football pulls his hands backward after holding the ball shot at the goal. This enables the goalkeeper to – decrease the rate of change of momentum
  13. The ratio of speed to the magnitude of velocity when the body is moving in one direction is – equal to one
  14. If the mass of a body is doubled and its velocity becomes half, then the linear momentum of the body will – remain the same
  15. A passenger in a moving train tosses a coin that falls behind him. Observing this statement what can you say about the motion of the train – accelerated motion

GK Quiz: Chemistry

  1. Solid from the liquid – Solidification
  2. Liquid from Solid – Fusion
  3. Liquid from gas – Vaporization
  4. Gas from liquid – Condensation
  5. Solid from gas – Sublimation
  6. Aerosols are a mixture of liquid and gas, ex. – fog, mist
  7. Evaporation increases with an increase in temperature
  8. Evaporation is inversely proportional to humidity
  9. Moh’s scale is used to measure the hardness of a mineral
  10. What is the ratio of H & O by weight in water – 1:8
  11. The heaviest naturally occurring element is – Uranium
  12. Poorest conductor of current – lead (metal), sulfur (nonmetal)
  13. The refining of petroleum is done by the process of  – fractional distillation
  14. Which type of glass is used for making bulb of UV lamp – Quartz glass
  15. Which inert gas is used in the fluorescent bulb – Neon

GK Quiz: Biology

  1. Strongest muscle of the human body – thigh muscle
  2. Respiratory center is situated in – medulla oblongata
  3. Lungs are situated in – thoracic cavity
  4. The yellow color of urine is due to the presence of – urochrome
  5. The rigidity of the cell wall is due to – lignin
  6. The part of the cell which is essential for protein synthesis – ribosomes
  7. Mother’s milk is preferred to cow’s milk for a baby because it contains less fat and more lipids
  8. The longest cell of the human body – neuron
  9. Total muscles in the human body – 650 (some say 700)
  10. The total weight of the human brain is 3% of the bodyweight
  11. All arteries, except the pulmonary artery, carry oxygenated blood
  12. Human tears contain a mild antibacterial agent
  13. Enzymes are basically protein
  14. The outer layer of skin is called the epidermis
  15. The pancreas is both endocrine & exocrine gland so that it is called a mixed gland
  16. Smallest human cell – sperm
  17. Largest human cell – ovum
  18. The green color of plant organs due to the presence of – chloroplast
  19. Control power of cell – nucleus
  20. The exchange of O2 and CO2 takes place in our lunge at alveoli.

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