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    Marketing Analytics: Marketing AI | Finding Cross-sell opportunities with Machine Learning

    In this marketing AI use case, lets us assume that a consumer bank wants to cross-sell its insurance product to customers, who have secured or unsecured type of loan. Now with the help of marketing artificial intelligence, depending on the customer’s historical behaviors and portfolio, the bank wants to apply analytics and marketing AI to decide:

    1. Who is likely to buy their insurance product, finding the right customer?
    2. What type of PPI insurance product should be targeted to whom, finding the right product?

    Now the bank has provided the customer data with the following features like credit score, outstanding loan amount, residential status, demographic information like age group, income group, etc, and finally if the customer is already holding any insurance and if yes then what type of insurance product, etc.

    Let us understand the sample data first:

    This contains the whole dataset. Now from this original dataset, we need to extract the customer information which has the PPI = 1, only that is they are insured with a PPI.

    Marketing AI: Feature Engineering (Personal Protection Plan/ PPI):

    Observation 1: It shows there are no duplicate values in the dataset.

    Observation 2: We can see that the target variable “PPI” is balanced and hence okay.

    Observation 3:

    • Gender variables are not equally distributed, Male customers are likely to buy PPI Insurance more than Female.
    • Similarly, Married persons are the most prospective customers followed by the Single
    • Among all three PPI products, PPI Joint and PPI Lci are the underperforming ones
    • PPI Single is the most popular insurance category, covering almost 60-70% of total

    Observation 4:

    • The Age box-whisker plot shows, middle-aged people (35-50 years) are likely to buy PPI insurance.
    • The income group box is positively skewed, it seems customers with high-income group >3 have a higher chance of buying PPI insurance.
    • Similarly Mosaic box is normally distributed but there’re some outliers (abnormality) in the data.
    • Similarly, customers with mid-range Mosaic value (kind of lifestyle) between 20-40 or Mosaic class (=4 & =8) are most likely to buy PPI.

    Observation 5:

    • Customers with a credit score greater than >750 look more prospective PPI buyers.
    • Customers are likely to purchase PPI when the loan type is unsecured & the outstanding balance is more than >50K.
    • Likewise, House owners are very likely to buy the insurance followed by the Tenants.
    • Customers staying with the bank for more than 100 months are likely to go for PPI
    • Loan grades seem in alphabetic order; A & X are the best performing grades
    • Time at Address shows a gradual decline (not very sharp) after 150 months

    Observation 6:

    • The Worst status flag shows six different customer statuses are possible indicating how many months someone has not paid his dues even after the due date.
    • Worst Status flag = 0 (& =1 can be included) are likely to buy PPI insurance
    • CIFAS = Y seems the suspicious flag, should be reviewed by the bank’s credit risk team

    Marketing Analytics – Machine Learning Model:

    Model Training & Testing:

    70% data is used for model training and 30% for testing. Before applying the machine learning model lets us do the exploratory analysis using this steps:

    • Missing value treatment & duplicate check
    • Categorical (converted to numerical) & continuous variables distribution analysis
    • Feature selection (correlation analysis) & Scaling (MinMax)

    Model 1: Finding the Right Customers based on PPI [1,0] is a binary classification problem:

    Three models are used here as below:

    1. LogisticRegression (penalty, class weight used)
    2. RandomForest (Grid search & basic hyperparameter tuning used)
    3. XGBoost (basic hyperparameter tuning used)
    • Accuracy – % of customers that the model has correctly identified as customers that did & didn’t purchase PPI
    • Precision – Of all the customers that the model predicts will purchase PPI, the % of customers that bought the PPI
    • Recall – % of customers the model successfully identifies that purchased the product

    Reflection: Lets compare Accuracy, Recall, ROC curve and pick the best model:

    • Here in this use case, false negatives (likely to buy but not getting offers) are still okay but not the false positives cases (customers not likely to buy but getting PPI offers) as the FP cases would incur extra campaign/ sales cost.
    • Hence, Recall & Precision are the more appropriate measures (relevant accuracy) for this use case.
    • Similarly, comparing ROC curves XGBoost is performing a little better than the Random Forest model (curves closer to the top-left corner indicate better performance), so we can go ahead with any of the two (i) Random Forest or (ii) XGBoost model.
    • The top 10 influencers are here, these parameters should be explored by the marketing team to optimize the campaigns.

    Model 2: Finding the Right PPI Product based on PPI categories [single, joint, Lci], is a multi-class classification problem:

    Two models are used here:

    1. KNN Classifier (n_neighbors is used)
    2. Decision Tree classifier (Gini and max depth are used)
    • Customers who’ve bought PPI (only PPI=1), are grouped together to see the target variable PPI category has 3 classes: (i) Single (ii) Joint (iii) Lci
    • So, a multi-class classification model [(a) KNN & (b) Decision Tree] is developed to see what type of products to be offered to the right customers.
    • Actual vs Prediction can be analyzed side by side.

    Reflection: Lets compare Accuracy, Recall, ROC curve and pick the best model:

    • Both KNN & Decision tree multi-class classifier models are performing just okay.
    • Decision tree Accuracy ~ 69%  is better than the KNN model.
    • We opt for the Decision Tree model here. Other models such as SVM can also be build but tree-based models usually work better than SVM when the data volume is lesser.

    Marketing AI model conclusion: AI & Analytics driven approach to build target based product offerings

    1. The people who do not usually miss the payments can be targeted for the insurance cross-sell. The customers having CIFAS (fraud suspicion) detected ‘Y’ must be reviewed by the bank before offering them PPI as they have missed the payment deadline several times.
    2. Young customers of age below 35 years seem not interested in PPI, maybe lack of experience or less maturity level.
    3. Out of all PPI products, “PPI single” is the most popular insurance category compared to “PPI Lci” and “PPI joint”; although PPI joint can be targeted to the married customers since it has the potential of cross-selling.
    4. For finding the right product both KNN and Decision Tree Classifier are performing well. Of them, the accuracy of the Decision Tree classifier has better accuracy than the KNN classifier.
    5. For finding the right customer, comparing the ROC curves we see that the XGBoost Classifier has better accuracy and performance than the Random Forest and Logistic Regression. However, both the models have to be retrained with more data in the coming months with hyperparameter tuning to pick the best one.
    6. Typically this marketing campaign runs every 2-3 weeks and 20-25% of the target based are targeted with the new offer and they’re removed from the campaign list until the next few campaigns run. As it continues the marketing data should be analyzed further to assess what %ages of the targeted customers bought the offer and they further need to be returned quarterly basis. This brings the actual value of AI in Marketing campaigns.

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    For detail python code, lets visit the GitHub link:

  • GK question answer

    GK Question Answer: gk quiz 3

    In this GK question answer series, you’ll find the gk quiz in English, current affairs, general science questions, and answers for UPSC, SSC, WBCS, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services, state governments job recruitment examinations of India.

    GK Quiz: History

    • By which name was the early Homo Sapiens known – Cro-Magnon
    • The people of the Indus Vally Civilization usually built their houses by – pucca bricks
    • Who wrote the Sanskrit Grammer – Panini
    • The first Indian Hindi scholar of the Mughal period – Abdur Rahim
    • The city of Jaunpur was founded in memory of – Mohammad-Bin-Tughlaq
    • The Qutub Minar was completed by the famous ruler – Iltutmish
    • Khalsa was founded by – Guru Gobind Sing
    • Who founded the independent sultanate of Bengal – Murshid Quli Khan
    • The Kuka movement started in the mid-nineteenth century in – Western Punjab
    • Who authored the book ‘Poverty and the Un-British Rule in India, – Dadabhai Naoroji

    GK Quiz: Geography

    • If the orbit of a planet is an ellipse then what is the point at which the Sun is located – focus
    • Name the planet that has a moon called “Ganymede” – Jupiter
    • The planet is known as ‘Earth’s twin’ – Venus
    • The term ‘Doab’ means – a land between two rivers
    • The longest river in Asia – Yangtze
    • Sunda Trench is in – the Indian Ocean
    • World man-made waterway in china – Grand Canal
    • The atmospheric layer closest to the Earth – Troposphere
    • Chinook is a – warm wind in North America
    • Country of wind – Denmark

    GK Quiz: Politics

    • The Indian Independent  Bill received by Royal Assent on – July 18, 1947
    • The Constitution of India came into force on – January 26, 1950
    • The declaration that  democracy is a government  ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People’ was made by – Abraham Lincon
    • The English Crown is an example of – Nominal Executive
    • The concept of Judicial Review in our construction has been taken from the constitution of – the USA
    • ‘The Federal System With Strong Centre’ has been borrowed by the Indian constitution from – Canada
    • Who called Indian Federalism as the co-operative federalism – G. Austin
    • Which amendment of the Indian Constitution inserted the two word – ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ in the preamble – 42nd
    • Which part of the Indian constitution deals with Fundamental Rights – Part 3
    • In which Article of the Constitution the Adult Suffrage is recognized – Article 326

    GK Quiz: Indian Economy

    • In India Planned Economy is based on – Socialist System
    • The term ‘Mixed Economy’ denoted – the existence of both private and public sector
    • In India, Agriculture income is calculated  – output method
    • GDP  at factor cost is – GDP minus Indirect Tax plus Subsidies
    • Per Capita Income is obtained by Dividing National Income by – Total Population of the Country
    • NNP of a country is-  GNP minus  Depreciation Allowances
    • The most appropriate measure of a Country’s economic growth is its – gross domestic product
    • When was the Planning Commission established – 15th March 1950
    • The outline of the second Five Year Plan was made by – P. C. Mahalanobis
    • NABARD was established in the – Sixth Five Year Plan

    GK Quiz: Environment

    • When was ‘Project Tiger’ launched in India – 1973
    • Example of Anthropogenic Biome – Cropland
    • The most stable Ecosystem – Marine(Ocean)
    • In which district of Karnataka is the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary located – Kodagu
    • Which ISO certification pertains to environmental management system – 14001
    • Cadmium pollution is associated with – Itai-Itai
    • The concept of  Carbon Credit Originated from – Kyoto Protocol
    • Where was the first International Earth Summit held – Rio de Janeiro
    • The most biodiversity-rich area in India – Western Ghats
    • Where is the Bandipur National Park located – Karnataka

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  • 5g speed

    5G speed | 5G vs 4G | How many countries have 5g networks? | New 5G phones

    5g speed & latency are the most significant features offering new enterprise revenue models and business opportunities. Cellular networks revolutionized from 3g to 4g LTE with the strong demand for mobile broadband. 4g speed paved the way for many social apps like YouTube, Facebook, and OTT streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, etc. Currently, there are more than 40 countries with tested & trialed 5g networks across the world.

    Difference between 4G and 5G network:

    5g technology is expected to be much faster than 4g, offering higher broadband speed (throughput), lower latency & much higher bandwidth.

    Peak 5G Speed100Mbps10Gbps100 times higher
    Average 5G Speed25Mbps200Mbps10 times higher
    latency 50 milli secods 1 milli second50 times lower
    Coverage /
    Connection density
     2000 / Kms2 1 million/Km2 10 times higher

    5G Speed

    Data speed is the most common differentiator between 4G & 5G.

    The 4G top speed can reach up to 100Mbps but its real-world speed is only up to 35Mbps. Now let’s look at the 5G speed:

    • Peak downlink 5g speed is 20 Gbps
    • Peak uplink 5g speed is 10 Gbps.

    However, the 5G average user experience data rate is ranging between 100 Mbps to a peak of 3 Gbps. overall, it ensures at least 50 Mbps everywhere.

    So, How long it takes to download a two hours movie?

    5G Latency

    Latency is a measure of time that a data packet takes to travel between two points. Key 5g services like remote surgery, mission-critical robots, self-driving cars, etc. are built on the 5g ultra-low and reliable services.

    4G networks latency is approx 50 milli seconds (ms) whereas,

    5G URLLC (ultra-reliable and low latency) latency is only 0.5 ms.

    And the eMBB (Enhanced broadband) latency is 4 ms

    5G Coverage

    4G has major issues with low coverage and very low connection density, because of the spectrum capacity.

    • Typically 4G antennas can support only 2000 devices per square kilometer.

    Even though 5G is in infancy, it can support nearly one million devices (phones, sensors, machines, etc.) per square kilometer.

    5G spectrum

    5G certainly has more spectrum capacity than 4G.

    4G spectrum was 600MHz to 2.5GHz which uses a narrow slice.

    5G spectrum has two bands:

    (i) sub-6GHz: It is suitable for broadband services around densely populated urban areas, catering to the need of consumers, businesses, and industries.

    (ii) mmW (millimeter wave): is capable to serve hotspots areas like stadiums, airports where the data rate demand is huge, up to 5Gbps.

    5G network countries:

    As per Q1 2021, commercial 5G networks are present in more than 60 countries worldwide wherein hundreds of telco operators have tested or trialed it so far. Out of them, China & the USA are the top two players followed by South Korea having the most cities with 5G networks.

    5G in China:

    • Covering around 350 cities, China has made the fastest 5G adoption. The top three CSPs in China – China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have already deployed 5G since 2019.
    • It’s the sub-6GHz spectrum band used in entire China, mmWave license will be added later by the Govt.
    • There’re 500K+ 5G base stations that have been installed in most of the major cities in China
    • Moreover, there’re 50 million subscribers using 5G, and around 100 million 5G mobile phones
    • The average 5G data cost is around 0.7 USD per 1Gb.

    5G in the USA:

    • Covering around 280 cities by major operators, the USA is in the second position. Verizon was the first to turn on 5G, sooner followed by AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint.
    • Initially, it started with the mmW based deployments however, sub-6GHz was also been used afterward. So it’s a mix of mmW and sub-6HHz. Also to cover entire cities, C-band (low band< 6GHz) is coming soon in the USA.
    • It is mostly non-standalone (NSA) based deployments in the US, which means 5G is leveraging the existing 4G coverage to set up a connection.
    • More than 200 million customers are now covered by the 5G networks across the country.

    In Europe, 27 operators are using mostly sub-6GHz to deploy 5G networks. Leading 5G countries in Europe are the UK and Spain.

    Likewise in Asia, South Korea and Japan are expected to be covered by 5G in 2021. Here it’s mainly millimeter wave (mmW) driven deployment. Similarly, Middle East, Australia, and South Africa also not far behind, launched 5G in 2019.

    5G phones

    Change in every telecom generation means more RF (radio frequency) components, antennas to be integrated inside the mobile phone, and accordingly, it’ll be a more complex & costlier hardware design.

    5G device cost is approximately 2.5 times than a 4G device.

    Some examples of 5G enabled mobile phones are:

    • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
    • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G
    • Moto z3
    • Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G
    • Huawei Mate X
    • Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

    P.S. Check out more on 5G here=> What is 5G?

    Please do share your comments if you like to know any specific about 5G technologies like Augmented reality or Virtual reality. Happy learning !!




  • GK question answer

    GK Question Answer: gk quiz 1

    In this GK question answer series, you’ll find the gk quiz in English, current affairs, general science questions and answers for UPSC, SSC, WBCS, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services, state governments job recruitment examinations of India.

    GK Quiz: Physics

    1. The unit of measurement of the intensity of sound is – decibel(dB)
    2. Sound can not travel in a vacuum
    3. The audible range of sound for the human being is 20Hz to 20000Hz
    4. The time period of a simple pendulum doesn’t depend upon its mass, shape, size and also it’s amplitude
    5. The pendulum clock becomes slow on taking it at high altitude and in-depth
    6. In the center of earth g=0, hence the time period of a pendulum in the center of the earth is infinity
    7. The use of the Doppler effect is in sonar system in submarines and in radar system in aircrafts
    8. Vibration at a frequency beyond 20000Hz – ultrasonic vibrations
    9. Vibration at a frequency below 20Hz  – infrasonic vibration
    10. A man is standing on a weighing machine in a lift that is moving. The weighing machine will show minimum reading when the lift is moving – in a free fall due to gravity
    11. A man standing on a boat in still water. If he walks toward the shore, then the boat will – move away from the shore
    12. A goalkeeper in a game of football pulls his hands backward after holding the ball shot at the goal. This enables the goalkeeper to – decrease the rate of change of momentum
    13. The ratio of speed to the magnitude of velocity when the body is moving in one direction is – equal to one
    14. If the mass of a body is doubled and its velocity becomes half, then the linear momentum of the body will – remain the same
    15. A passenger in a moving train tosses a coin that falls behind him. Observing this statement what can you say about the motion of the train – accelerated motion

    GK Quiz: Chemistry

    1. Solid from the liquid – Solidification
    2. Liquid from Solid – Fusion
    3. Liquid from gas – Vaporization
    4. Gas from liquid – Condensation
    5. Solid from gas – Sublimation
    6. Aerosols are a mixture of liquid and gas, ex. – fog, mist
    7. Evaporation increases with an increase in temperature
    8. Evaporation is inversely proportional to humidity
    9. Moh’s scale is used to measure the hardness of a mineral
    10. What is the ratio of H & O by weight in water – 1:8
    11. The heaviest naturally occurring element is – Uranium
    12. Poorest conductor of current – lead (metal), sulfur (nonmetal)
    13. The refining of petroleum is done by the process of  – fractional distillation
    14. Which type of glass is used for making bulb of UV lamp – Quartz glass
    15. Which inert gas is used in the fluorescent bulb – Neon

    GK Quiz: Biology

    1. Strongest muscle of the human body – thigh muscle
    2. Respiratory center is situated in – medulla oblongata
    3. Lungs are situated in – thoracic cavity
    4. The yellow color of urine is due to the presence of – urochrome
    5. The rigidity of the cell wall is due to – lignin
    6. The part of the cell which is essential for protein synthesis – ribosomes
    7. Mother’s milk is preferred to cow’s milk for a baby because it contains less fat and more lipids
    8. The longest cell of the human body – neuron
    9. Total muscles in the human body – 650 (some say 700)
    10. The total weight of the human brain is 3% of the bodyweight
    11. All arteries, except the pulmonary artery, carry oxygenated blood
    12. Human tears contain a mild antibacterial agent
    13. Enzymes are basically protein
    14. The outer layer of skin is called the epidermis
    15. The pancreas is both endocrine & exocrine gland so that it is called a mixed gland
    16. Smallest human cell – sperm
    17. Largest human cell – ovum
    18. The green color of plant organs due to the presence of – chloroplast
    19. Control power of cell – nucleus
    20. The exchange of O2 and CO2 takes place in our lunge at alveoli.

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  • GK question answer

    GK Question Answer: gk quiz 2

    In this GK question answer series, you’ll find the gk quiz in English, current affairs for UPSC, SSC, WBCS, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC, and other states civil services, state governments job recruitment examinations of India.

    Important Days

    1. World Health Day – 7th April
    2. World Heritage Day – 18th April
    3. Earth Day – 22nd April
    4. World Haemophilia Day – 17th April
    5. National Civil Service Day – 21st April

    New Appointments

    1. New Chief Election Commissioner of India – Sushil Chandra
    2. Chief Statistician of India – Dr. G P Samanta
    3. Newly appointed Director General of CRPF – Kuldeep Sing
    4. New Director-General of National Security Gaurd   (NSG) of India – M A Ganapathy
    5. New CEO of Airport Authority of India (AAI) – Sanjeev Kumar


    1. The host country of World Table Tennis Championship 2021  – The USA
    2. T20 World Cup Final 2021 held in  – Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
    3. Official song track for the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup  – Girl Gang
    4. Winner of Mexican Open 2021 – Alexander Zverev
    5. Winner of Woman’s Singles of all England Open Badminton Championship 2021- Nozomi Okuhara


    1. 51ST Dada Sahib Phalke Award – Rajnikant
    2. 67th National Flim Fair award for best actor (male) – Manoj Bajpayee & Dhanush and for best actor(female) – Kangana Ranawat
    3. Grammy award for record of the year – Billi Ellish
    4. “I can’t breathe” by Dernest Emile received the Grammy award for song of the year.
    5. Grammy award for album of the year – Folklore
    6. Gandhi Peace Prize 2020 – Sk. Muzibur Rahaman
    7. Maharastra Bhusan award 2020 – Asha Bhosle
    8. Golden Globe award for best picture 2020-2021 – Nomadland
    9. Saraswati Samman 2021 –Prof. Sharan Kumar Limbale
    10. Vyas Samman 2021 – Prof. Sarad Pagare

    Books and Authors

    1. My Experience With Silence – Samir Soni
    2. Battle Ready for 21st Century – Gen. Bipin Rawat
    3. Believe: What Life and Cricket Taught Me – Suresh Raina
    4. The Christmas Pig – J K Rowling
    5. The Big Thoughts of Little Luv – Karan Johar
    6. Whereabouts(novel) – Jhumpa Lahiri


    1. Former French President has been sentenced to jail – Nicolas Sarkozy
    2. US Senate confirmed Indian origin, Vivek Murthy, as – Surgeon General
    3. 1st Woman President of Tanzania – Samia Suluhu Hassan
    4. Asian country recently introduce “Virus Passport System” – China
    5. China & Russia have inked MoU to build a lunar research station

    Important Indexes

    1. UN World Happiness index 2021 of India – 139/149
    2. World Press Freedom Index of India – 142/180
    3. Global Gender Gap Index 2021 of India – 140/156
    4. Inclusive Internet Index 2021 of India – 49/120
    5. The Climate change performance index of India 2021 – 10

    Indian Defence Sector

    1. TROPEX-21: Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Coastal Gaurd. Venue – Punjab, Goa
    2. AMPHEX-21: Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force. Venue –Andaman & Nicober Island
    3. DESERT KNIGHT-21: Indian Air Force & France Air Force. Venue – Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    4. SEA-VIGIL-21: IAF, NSG, BSF. Venue – 7516 km entire coastline of India
    5. KAVACH-21 – IAF, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Coastal Gaurd. Venue- Andaman sea & Bay of Bengal


    1. Cowin launched 4 digit security code
    2. Space-X launched 60 Starlink satellite in record 10th liftoff
    3. Himachal Pradesh builds ‘forest ponds’ to harvest rainwater
    4. Uttrakhand cm Trivendra Singh Rawat resigned
    5. Deputy Superintendent of Assam Police – Hima Das

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  • what is 5G

    What is 5G | 5G networks | 5G technologies: AR, VR, IoT

    5th generation telecom standard (5G) has been buzzing in recent times to cater to nearly 2 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2025. But what is 5G? Unlike 4G, 5G is more than just a telecom generation, it is capable of having a network within a network. It serves many new applications like Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and enables new revenue growth opportunities for the communication service providers (CSPs).

    Let us look at the evolution of 5G:

    GenerationTechnologyFeature ServicesPeak Speed
    1G was about analog communicationCellular technology [AMPS]Only Voice14kbps
    2G was the era of Digital TechnologyGPRS, EDGEVoice, SMS, Email384Kbps
    3G was the era of Mobile InternetUMTS, CDMAVideo Calling, BoD, Web browsing2Mbps
    4G was the era of Mobile BroadbandLTEVoLTE, VoIP, High speed data, Video calling, IPTV, OTT Streaming100Mbps

    What is 5G?

    5G network is promised to transform businesses and society. Significantly, it enables faster connectivity and faster services and brings new opportunities, new revenue streams, and new business models with it.

    In short, with a higher capacity, 5G is expected to connect anything (mobiles, machines, sensors…) in the physical world to the Internet.

    Why 5G?

    4G has laid the mobile broadband platform for audio & video content over the Internet, Social networking, P2P file sharing, Streaming apps. Examples are different OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and so on. As the mobile data traffic (Video streaming) went up with the increasing mobile subscriptions, simply 4G cannot satisfy this enormous demand. Here are some interesting statistics:

    1. Mobile broadband traffic is expected to grow ~ 30% YoY until 2024
    2. Advanced services such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), UHD, 360Deg Video are also in demand, expected to transform the digital world
    3. In addition, recent analysis shows OTT (Netflix/ Prime) traffic went up by ~ 55%
    4. Moreover, the global Internet of Things market is expected to reach ~ USD 724.2 Billion by 2023

    5G Services:

    5G use cases

    1. 5G Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB):

    5G enhances limited 4G LTE capabilities to provide a greater capacity mobile broadband with higher bandwidth and higher throughput [1 Gbps user exp., at least 50 Mbps everywhere]. The ultimate goal is to deliver seamless coverage with high connection density to the end-users.

    1.1 Smart Home/ Office

    • Mobile broadband handles heavy data traffic of hundreds of users in an office environment.
    • Alexa-enabled smart home solutions are capable of controlling the lights, TV, music system, AC, Geyser, Air purifier, Vacumn cleaner, and other connected devices.

    1.2 Virtual Reality (VR)

    • High resolution streaming display (4k/8k video) for watching virtual reality contents
    5G Virtual reality gaming
    • Virtual Reality is not just about gaming, it is revolutionizing other industries like Sports, Education, Military, Medicine, etc. Examples are ClassVR (Educational VR App), VR360 (science and industrial use), Facebook Horizon (online gaming), VR-enabled movies, etc.

    1.3 Augmented Reality (AR)

    Unlike VR, augmented reality superimposes an image on top of a video or camera to feel like a real physical thing with sound and other technologies. Some examples are:

    5G Augmented reality
    • Google Map AR application shows digital navigation by recognizing the building names, street view & visual positioning.
    • Google Lens reads the object & gives all essential details
    • Snapchat AR filter transforms the objects & their characters by introducing a 3D effect

    2. 5G Massive machine type communication (MMTC):

    Millions of IoT sensors deployed very densely to capture, track small signals and send them back to the centralized server. The IoT signals are:

    • Occasional data communication (Delay tolerant)
    • Low data rate
    • Low data volume
    • Long battery life
    • A large number of devices / deep coverage

    2.1 NB-IoT (narrow band), Mass sensors

    Agri IoT
    • Firstly, agricultural mass sensors to track weather parameters
    • Secondly, connected wearables that capture health conditions such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.
    • Finally, industrial IoT applications use mass sensors (temp sensor, pressure sensor, image sensor, motion detector sensor, and many more..)

    2.2 Smart City, Smart Meters

    • For example, Smart Parking, Smart street lighting, Waste management, Smart connected grid, and many more.
    • In other words, smart indoor electric appliances, connected utility meters, home security systems, smart locks are connected meters.

    3. 5G Ultra-reliable and low latency communications (URLLC):

    5G new radio communication (5G NR) addresses LTE latency issues and it is capable of much faster & smoother communication with a minimal delay (or latency) and high reliability.

    Above all URLLC is the most powerful and promising 5G capability, it is also termed as critical machine type communication.

    Ultra-high reliability: It means the network cannot have downtime even for few seconds.

    Ultra-low latency With URLLC latency of 0.5 milliseconds, it ensures almost zero time lag from the controlling point.


    3.1 Mission Critical Applications (Remote surgery, Robots)

    A remote surgical robot is able to conduct surgery from a distant controlling point where network reliability and very low latency are of utmost importance. Therefore, 5G secures zero time tag in the whole surgery process otherwise it might cause very severe consequences.

    3.2 Self Driving Car

    • Similarly, using URLLC service, the vehicles connect to each other, to other network services, to other cyclists, and guarantee no accident takes place.
    • Whereas the car infotainment system like music, gaming are other services deployed on the eMBB capability not on URLLC.
    Connected cars

    4. 5G Fixed wireless access (FWA):

    Finally & most importantly, CSPs have the unused spectrum band which they can monetize for the suburban areas by providing fixed wireless access with a minimum speed of 50 Mbps. The FWA revenue model works on top of the eMBB revenue model.

    4.1 Hotspots/ Public Transportation

    For instance, using consumer premise equipment (CPE) to boost indoor and outdoor coverage by the ethernet hotspot can be an FWA case.

    4.2 Broadband everywhere:

    Similarly, FWA also provides consistent broadband coverage at 50Mbps at rural cellular sites using the unused allocated spectrum.

    P.S. Check out more on 5G speed, 5G vs 4G here=> 5G speed & countries with 5g network




  • plum cakes at shree's kitchen

    Delicious, moist & juicy plum cakes at Shree’s Kitchen @8777295019

    If you love to bite a slice of juicy, thick, flavoury plum cake in northern Kolkata, you can order it now at your doorsteps. Shree’s Kitchen, a newly opened kitchen near the Baranagar area is offering a good variety of cakes across Kolkata.

    Cake season normally starts in winter especially during X-MAS in Kolkata, but you’ll find shelves of plum cakes but that is dry, over sweet, or a bit rough around the edges.

    Authentic plum cakes happen to be softer, moist and have a rich flavor in them. Proper alcohol & fruit-based soaking, right mixing & precise temperature setting are the keys here.

    Shree’s kitchen started its journey with the bakery items from Baranagar & Hatibagan areas in 2020 and already a popular name in North Kolkata. It takes orders from Shyambazar, Hatibagan, Bagbazar, Saltlake up to Baranagar, Dunlop, Sodepur areas. Here are some popular options:

    Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake [1lb @Rs 460]:

    Its rich with apricots, black & brown raisins, cashew, almond, pistachio, toothy-fruity, cherry, and other dry fruits.

    plum cakes at Shree's kitchen

    Rich Dry Fruit Plum Cake [1lb @Rs 380 & 1/2lb @Rs 190]:

    Likewise, it’s also a rich fruity cake, having full of blueberry, raspberry, cranberry with all other dry fruits like apricots, raisins, almonds, pistachio, toothy-fruity, etc. It’s available in various shapes like round, loaf & so on.

    Orange Flavored Fruit Cake [1lb @Rs 250]:

    This is also a special type of fruit cake with real orange zest is used in this. The speciality is without any artificial essence it is made.

    Dundee Cake [1lb @Rs 400]:

    This juicy plum cake is full of almond powder and almond toppings. Currently, it’s very popular because it’s a less sweet and healthy option for all age groups.

    To order you can contact at 8777295019 (Please order two days before). There’re birthday & party cake options coming soon, stay tuned…

    Check out more on Kolkata Biryani here: Kolkata Best Biryani Restaurants

  • phishing attack

    What is Phishing | Whaling & Spear Phishing | Tips to avoid Phishing

    Phishing means, like a baited hook attackers uses malicious email attachments, fake web links to grab sensitive customer information like passwords, credit card numbers, PINs, etc. Phishing is the oldest & simplest form of cyberattack and the most effective one. In other cases, attackers also use popular topics to infringe companies’ trademarks using Phishing techniques.

    Phishing represents 77% of all social-based attacks

    Phishing E-mail example
    Example of a Phishing email

    How Does Phishing Work

    Most internet subscribers are vulnerable to phishing attacks. It’s because often they use (i) Windows operating system, (ii) are persuasive, and (iii) do not have security software or antivirus in their system. Let’s have a look at how a phishing attack executes:

    1. Depending on the type of victim (individual, organization, a large group of users, etc.) firstly, the attacker first collects basic information about the target.
    2. Secondly, the attacker distributes emails with malicious attachments or constructs a fake eCommerce/ social engineering/ banking website as a trap.
    3. Thirdly and most importantly, the victim fails to understand these social engineering tricks and opens the email & attachment or visits the fake web link.
    4. Finally, the RAT (Remote access trojan) is installed in the target system, it is exploited.
    5. Additionally, RAT tries to access additional computers in that same network
    6. In conclusion, sensitive information is leaked by the attacker/ phisher

    Types of Phishing attack

    What is spear phishing?

    Depending on the type of victim, phishing turns to spear phishing which is target based attack, not a regular mass email attack. Typically this message contains the recipient’s name and information related to in-depth professional or personal matters.

    How does Spear Phishing work

    1. Initially, the hacker researches the names of employees of an organization and picks a victim.
      • IT manager who has full network access
      • Finance/ Marketing Manager who approves payment to the suppliers or vendors
    2. Moreover, from the organization page, or social media research like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profile, the perpetrator gathers sufficient details about the victim.
    3. After that, perhaps acting superior or department colleague, the attacker sends out an email with a fake malicious link or attachment (for ex. invoice copy) to the victim, using a proper, standard email template.
    4. As a result, when the victim uses his credential to open the document or the link, the hacker captures his credential to gain the access to the corporate network.

    It is very hard to prevent spear phishing attacks as it is target driven; it already has made enough damages to many businesses and governments.

    spear phishing

    What is Pharming?

    Pharming starts with fake web links, forged Play store apps. If you click or download any of these apps, malicious codes are injected into your system to poison your DNS server.

    Pharming DNS Spoofing
    Pharming Attack

    To clarify this, your DNS name is your identity and it contains the private IP to public IP mappings vice versa. So, when you login next time your legitimate online banking link might land you to the hacker’s fake webpage using false entries at your DNS cache.

    What is Smishing or SMS phishing

    Smishing means using SMS texts, hackers spread phishing (malicious links) attacks. That is to say, there’re many gateways between IP networks and SMS networks. Therefore, an attacker can send SMS links from the Internet using Mobile operator’s forms to distribute SMS Phishing attacks.

    • Free Netflix Subscription link
    • COVID Donation link
    • Free COVID Insurance link & many more
    Smishing attack
    Smishing attack

    What is Vishing

    Like Smishing, Vishing is a voice phishing technique performing the same kind of scam. The attacker over the phone pretends as an income tax officer (IRS), or a bank employee, or a policeman.

    Eventually, they scare you with some kind of a problem & ask you to pay the fine immediately or insist to share your account details. The criminals gather details about the victim beforehand so it’s become easier to deceive them.

    What is a social engineering attack?

    People are the biggest vulnerability of any network. Social engineering is the art of persuading to gain illegal access to a building or to a corporate network. It’s certainly not technical hacking rather exploiting human psychology.

    Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack. so let’s explain it better.

    Commonly social engineering techniques are performed by these people (i) Customer service (ii) Delivery staff (iii) Phone calls (iv) Tech support

    Social engineering is dangerous to personal or corporate data. Once a social engineer is able to gain your trust, he can pose an IT helpdesk guy, to snoop on your corporate password to steal sensitive data. Moreover, acting as a delivery staff who forgets his key, a criminal can enter an office building with the help of a staff.

    How to protect against phishing attacks

    Avoid Phishing Emails

    • You should discard emails from an unknown person, unfamiliar address
    • Similarly, you should avoid emails containing untrusted attachments – just delete or report phishing.
    • For your info, most of the phishing emails generally contain subjects like Prizes, Lottery, Job offers, freebies, etc.

    Tips to avoid phishing scams

    Strictly follow Govt. approved webpages, mobile App

    • Strictly follow Govt. webpages, approved Apps for Covid-19 news and updates
    • Be careful about the site visit- try to avoid ‘HTTP://‘ pages, always visit ‘HTTPS://‘ pages
    • Avoid webpages with unfamiliar fonts, color, spelling errors

    Online Banking

    • Try to use office/ corporate computers for online banking, money transferring as they provide end-point protection against any malware, external threats
    • Double-check the UPI Id, validate the bank/ merchant name before payment

    SMS Links

    • It’s better to avoid untrusted Covid-19 links, forwarded messages, any job offers on WhatsApp or SMS
    • Be careful about KYC SMS links, don’t share until you verify the link

    Before you Accept/ Click

    • Don’t click on online widgets, flash images, pop-ups during browsing a webpage
    • Don’t Accept cookies from untrusted webpages, click ‘x’ and close

    Home PC, Mobile

    • It’s mandatory to install authentic antivirus, security apps & update them regularly
    • Use WPA2 encryption for your home WiFi router

    Avoid untrusted Sites

    • Don’t use pirated software, movie download sites, adult sites, untrusted eCommerce platforms

    Virus Scan

    • Periodically scan all files (incl. the zipped, hidden) in your PC, Tablet, Phone
    • Check if any site has your default password – if so change it
    • Change password for online banking, eCommerce sites, trading platforms every 2-3 month

    Avoid public Wi-Fi

    • Try to avoid free WiFi at Airports, Coffee shops, or Railway platforms like areas; and never log in to your online banking page or make any financial transactions
  • what is ransomware attack

    What is Ransomware Attack | Know Types, Protection & Removal

    A Ransomware attack is a type of Malware, that encrypts or locks a victim’s computer, and demands payment (in bitcoins) for recovery. If your computer is compromised with a ransomware attack, all files (.doc, .txt, .mpeg, .xlsx, etc.) would be encrypted using a public, private combination key. The hackers lock these sensitive files, takes the system control until you pay the ransom.

    Now the victim has no option left other than

    1. Pay in bitcoins (which can’t guarantee anything) or
    2. Ransomware removal by formatting the computer or server

    How Does Ransomware Work

    All types of endpoint systems, terminals are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. For example, IT servers, personal computers, point of sales (POS), printers, smartphones, any smart gadgets, even further Smar Cars, Smart Homes are also vulnerable to ransomware.

    Lets see how it works:

    1. Ransomware attack usually starts with a spam link sent by the hacker (not necessarily only through emails, could be third-party websites, any unknown link)
    2. As soon as, the user clicks on the link malware gets downloaded to the computer
    3. Then the malware automatically run in the computer and the virus makes a copy in the C drive (all the commands, shells are copied)
    4. Likewise, newly added registries are copied in the computer
    5. Now the hacker can connect to the computer using the corrupt registries
    6. Thereby hacker takes control of your data, uses a key to encrypt these crucial data, and locks the computer.
    7. Now the victim gets a message from the hacker asking for ransom unless data would be deleted or shared online.

    Types of Ransomware


    This is kind of a tech support scam, where you’ll get a pop-up message asking for payment against the removal of malware, discovered in your computer. But in this case, your files are safe. If you don’t pay you’ll get repetitive scary messages, that’s it.

    Screen lockers

    Lock screen ransomware locks your computer screen. You won’t be able to access it, a full-screen pop-up will appear with an authentic-looking Defense or Govt logo on it. It will now demand a fine for performing an illegal activity. However, this is just to defraud you, no police will freeze your account.

    Encrypting ransomware

    Cybercriminals take control of your system first and then seize the important files & folders to encrypt them using a sophisticated key. Next, they demand ransom in order to return the control back by decrypting the files. It’s so deadly that no security software or system restore can return the data. And even if you pay the ransom, no guarantee that the hackers will give those files back, all are gone (mostly happens).

    Ransomware Attack Types


    The most popular and large ransomware, affecting millions of windows machines in 150+ countries, causing multi-billion dollar losses in 2017. It was a self-contained, self-propagated TOR program that spread autonomously from one computer to another. It pop-up appears after windows load as below:

    wannacry ransomware attack
    Wannacry ransom note with timer & bitcoin link

    Petya and NotPetya

    Petya, dawned around 2016, encrypts the computer hard-disk using a very sophisticated encryption algorithm. This makes the entire disk inaccessible. It’ll ask you to install the Tor browser (darknet) and then the steps for decryption to follow.

    Later it reoccurred with the new variant NotPetya, extremely dangerous than the former. NotPetya can propagate by own and is able to spread without human intervention. It asks for ransom in bitcoin and then you need to share your key to the hacker’s mail id for decryption. There’s almost no chance of getting back your files as the hackers used fake email ids.

    Petya and NotPetya use the same vulnerability from WannaCry to spread across computers and both infect Windows computers.

    Petya ransomware
    PETYA Ransomware, steps to decrypt your files


    It’s a similar kind of file-encrypting ransomware, came up in 2013, the first kind of modern age ransomware. In early 2014 at its high, it infected more than half a million computers via an email attachment. It is obsolete now.

    Cryptol Locker
    Cryptolocker popup


    Cerber runs silently into the system to stop all windows security features & antivirus. Cybercriminals use this kind of service while encrypting the files using Windows vulnerabilities.

    Bad Rabbit

    It spreads across Europe and Asia back in 2017 by fake Flash player updates. Mainly the targets are located are news & media companies in Russia, Ukraine, Tukey, and Germany. However, it is possible to decrypt the files if you pay the ransom, unlike other ransomware variants.


    Like other varieties of malware in the past, it also spreads across corporate networks & servers and encrypts data using a combination key so that it cannot be accessed. Very recently in 2020 Indiabulls, Cognizant servers were targeted by the Maze ransomware

    Modern variants of ransomware like Ryuk, Robinhood, Thanos emerge in recent years, are extremely harmful

    Recent variants of ransomware

    What is Mobile Ransomware

    Mobile ransomware is a kind of Android malware that affects mobile devices. It doesn’t commonly prevent access to files or steals sensitive data, rather blocks the mobile device. Mobile users don’t understand the risk of clicking fake web links or downloading malicious content. And that’s how this malware is distributed through malicious apps or social engineering attacks. In recent years both Cryptolocker ransomware attack found in both Andriod and Apple devices while Doublelocker affects many android devices PIN and encrypted stored data.

    Mobile Ransomware
    Mobile Ransomware

    If infected, you need to boot up your mobile device in safe mode and remove all apps in order to get back access. Also, to safeguard you need to install strong mobile security software & update patches regularly.

    How to Protect against Ransomware

    Normally, Govt agencies, Corporates, Banks are the foremost targets of ransomware attacks who hold sensitive customer data and can pay quickly. During the Covid-19 when corporate workplaces became residential, cyber crooks use this as an opportunity to spread more phishing emails & malware driven attacks.

    Here are some best practices that you can follow for protection & prevention against a ransomware attack:

    What is Ransomware Protection

    System backup

    Regular data backup is the crucial step, that can reduce the risk of encrypted data or any data loss. So you can format the affected server and restore data quickly for business continuity. If possible keep more than two copies of the backup in two separate locations.

    Firewall Activation, Endpoint Protection

    Recent Endpoint protection programs provide a good defense against WannaCry, Maze, or Petya type of backdoor attackers.

    Additionally, keep a paid antivirus or security app in your system and update them regularly. Though antivirus is not that successful against modern ransomware variants but can safeguard against the most.

    You should monitor or scan unusual files, viruses, network traffic, CPU loads.

    Avoid untrusted sites, unknown links, Emails attachments

    Mostly email phishing and spamming are the beginning of a ransomware attack. You should be always watchful towards malicious email attachments, fake job offers, or any unknown web links. Avoid clicking, or download or open these files and report phishing if possible.

    Secure Webgateway

    You should use secure web gateways, so configure WPA2 encryption for your home router. It scans the traffic and prevents any malicious web ads that could lead to a ransomware attack.

    It is preferable to avoid ‘HTTP://’ pages, and visit only ‘HTTPS://’.

  • Aashram Chapter 2 Review (MX Player): The Dark Side (2020)

    Aashram season 2 review: Baba Nirala’s unfolding story plodded monotonously

    Finally, the wait is over, the much-awaited web series Aashram season 2 is back on MX Player. Overall the story is a continuation of Aashram season 1 revealing the dark side of Baba Nirala. Yet if you think exposing Baba Nirala completely, no you’ve to wait until next season! Aashram season 2 only reveals how Pammi is managed to escape from the Aashram to get her revenge. The pace of Aashram 2 is very slow & too many useless characters & Plots (Tinka Singh’s music events, CM Sundarlal’s & Hukum Singh’s prolonged political affairs..) appear languid and certainly make you feel monotonous.

    Aashram season 2 rating:

    Ashram season 1 depicts the deep inside structure of fraud Hindu ashram considerably well. So now it’s time to uncover the truth behind the dark side of ashram but the slow pace of this web series couldn’t match up to the expectation. It’s dull & monotonous, so we rate it 4/10.

    Aashram season 2 release date and time: November 11, 2020

    Aashram Director: Prakash Jha

    Aashram cast:

    Baba Nirala: Bobby Deol gets well to the skin of the character. His rapist appearance in Chapter 2 is much more revealing yet he covers it well with his soft & quiet looks and manages to wield his fellow devotees; perhaps this is his career-defining best onscreen performance.

    Bhopa: He is my most favorite Aashram cast, Chandan Roy Sanyal was spot on in his cruel but calm attitude & heartless character. But surprisingly in chapter 2, he gets fewer appearances & dialogues make it feel dull.

    Bhopa Bhai
    One of the finest acting by Bhopa Swami in Aashram

    Pammi: Aaditi Pohankar made adequate justice to this bold & confident character. She is the face of women devotees who stand against Aashram and will be the gamechanger in Ashram’s next chapter.

    Baba Nirala with Pammi in Ashram

    Akki: Played by Rajeev Siddhartha, is given much importance than the previous season, excelled well in his supporting character.

    Two significant ladies Tridha Choudhury (as Babita), Anupriya Goenka (Dr. Natasha) look very ordinary. Although Darshan Kumaar (Inspector Udjagar), Tushar Pandey (Satti) are excellent in their respective roles.

    Tridha Choudhury as Babita in Aashram
    Aashram Season 1 review

    Aashram Chapter 2 Review (MX Player): 

    • Cunning Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) has made Aashram a brothel, raped Babita (Tridha Chowdhury) by persuading his husband Satti (Tushar Pandey) to undergo castration as an act of purification.
    • Mohini’s sister Sohini is being killed by Ashram’s muscle men.
    • Ashram pushes drugs through Laddu and sells across the market, also has a de-addiction center, to look noble to the outer world.
    • Police Inspector Udjagar (Darshan Kumaar) & Sadhu (Vikram Kochhar) enters the Aashram as a drug addict with the help of doctor Natasha (Anupriya Goenka) and journalist Akki (Rajeev Siddhartha) & collected important evidence against the ashram but eventually deceived by his own department.
    • Meanwhile, Baba being the mastermind defeats chief minister Sundarlal and elects Hukum Singh – political affairs seem unnecessarily stagnated in this season.
    • Pammi, a blind believer of Baba, being fooled (through drugged laddu) and raped by Baba.
    • “Baba Laayenge Kranti”, Baba’s rockstar Tinka Singh (Adhyayan Suman) makes public gatherings but it ridiculously fails to impress.
    • Rebellion Pammi, at last, manages to flee with the help of Akki and preparing for revenge. After so much unnecessary flab in the long-running episodes, you’d be jaded.

    Aashram chapter 2 rating: Japnam flops

    Disappointing! Unlike chapter 1, after an intriguing pitch, everyone was eagerly waiting for the Aashram chapter 2 but alas! Chapter 2 episodes are boring with its monotonous pace. The screenplay could’ve been much better but ultimately all attempts to debunk the brutal reality of ashram are still missing! All said and done, you can skip it, not worth streaming.

    Aashram season 2 download: https://www.mxplayer.in/

  • nabapatrika

    Durga Puja: Significance of Nabapatrika

    Traditional Durga puja reaches its zenith on the sixth day of the Navratri which we also called ‘Maha Sasthi’. On the seventh day or ‘Mahasaptami’, rituals start in a very early morning called Nabapatrika.

    When is Maha Saptami in 2020: Mahasaptami will be celebrated on October 23rd

    Significance of Nabapatrika snan:

    Nabapatrika means nine leaflets (bunch) from nine different plants along with the Kolabou (banana stem) is worshiped in red-bordered yellow saree, given a bath in the holy Ganga or at any nearby pond at dawn. [Nabapatrika plants are described in Bengali here: 1. রম্ভা/ কদলী(কলা), 2. কচু 3. হরিদ্রা (হলুদ), 4. জয়ন্তী ,5. বিল্ব(বেল), 6. দাড়িম্ব (ডালিম), 7. অশোক ,8. মান and 9. ধান]. Common people sometimes misinterpret Kolabou as the wife of Lord Ganesha, but as per mythology, Lord Ganesha’s wives are Ridhi & Siddhi. Here Nabapatrika is the symbol of the warrior goddess Durga who destroys eight demons including Shumbho/ Nishumbha before she finishes Mahishasura. Maa Durga in Nabapatrika’s image returns from Ganga by the priest together with a grand procession and many drummers/ percussionists and is placed next to Lord Ganesha’s idol. As per spiritual belief, Nabapartika is the ritual to bring life to the temple, so that the rest of the days Durga idols can be worshipped with other idols. Nabapatrika was also part of Krittivasi Ramayan, the day of Lord Ram preparing for the battle against the Ravana, the ten headed demon of Lanka.

    Read more details in Bengali here….


  • mirzapur 2

    Return of Mirzapur season 2 on Amazon Prime, Mirzapur season 2 trailer is soaring – review?

    Mirzapur season 2 on Amazon Prime is the most searched TV series of late followed by the Sacred games on Netflix with a record-breaking viewership. 9-episode Mirzapur season 1 was released in 2018 (Mirzapur release date was on 16 November 2018), a crime thriller in desi Indian backdrop has made Mirzapur a world of terror. Though Mirzapur has many similarities with Gangs of Wasseypur, in my opinion, the former one was way more natural than the Mirzapur web series, here excessive use of abusive & hard languages appears slightly forced.

    Mirzapur season 2 release date: October 23, 2020

    Mirzapur Plot & season 1 Climax: The story circle around the king of Mirzapur, Kaleen bhaiya and his arms & drug peddle; the plot forays into how two ordinary boys enmeshed into the dark world and linked to Tripathi house and thereby some extreme twists and turns follow.

    In the climax of Mirzapur season 1, at a friend’s wedding party in a shootout, Munna kills Bablu, Sweety, and brutally injures Guddu; and Kaleen kills two policemen to sustain the fear among the public. While in Tripathi house Beena gets very upset by his family/father-in-law and looking for a gun to get revenge.

    Mirzapur poster (P.C. Google)

    Mirzapur cast :

    Munna Bhaiya – He is my most favorite Mirzapur season 1 cast, Divyendu Sharma was spot on in his heartless, abusive character from the first episode until the last one; coming from a comedy background (Pyaar Ka Punchnama/ Chashme Baddor) he showed a lot of versatility.

    Mirzapur Guddu bhaiya – Played by Ali Fazal; he & his brother Bablu (Vikrant Massey) superbly get to the skin of the character with a local accent & college boy attitude.

    Mirzapur Kaleen bhaiya – In his role Pankaj Tripathi (father or Munna and King of Mirzapur) seems a bit subdued & sometimes straight-faced; with the potential he has, I think he’ll excel in coming Mirzapur season 2.

    Golu (Mirzapur golu real name is Shweta Tripathi) as Gajgamini seems a very bold and confident girl who stand against all odds and win against Munna in the college election; she will be a game-changer in season 2 from the looks of the recently released trailer

    mirzapur web series cast

    Though I didn’t like Kulbhushan Kharbanda (played the father of Kaleen & grandfather of Munna) & Rasika Duggal’s (Mirzapur actress who played Beena, wife of Kaleen bhaiya & sex maniac) characters in season one –

    • All over the season, Kulbhushan only watches animals mating on Discovery – unnecessary fantasizing!
    • Rashika’s role was more passive, though she & Shweta Tripathi are expected to be the game-changer in next season

    Mirzapur season 2 cast: As per the recently released Mirzapur trailer (season 2) Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Isha Talwar, Vijay Varma, and Rasika Dugal played the pivotal roles. So, I’m expecting the edge of the seat thriller will continue in season 2 as well.

    Mirzapur poster (P.C. Google)

    Recently released Mirzapur 2 trailer review –

    From the looks of the Mirzapur 2 trailer, it’s apparent that Guddu will be coming back for revenge for his brother with the help of Golu. There’ll be some new entries of grey-shaded characters who are eagerly waiting to take down Tripathi & Mirzapur. But the key question is who will be the next King of Mirzapur? We saw how Munna is playing behind his father, Kaleen is supremely competent yet shaky in family matters and fierce Guddu has nothing to lose. But for sure more bodies will pile up again.

    As the season 1 cliff-hanging climax, the season 2 is expected to be a full-fledged action thriller again. However, I’ve to accept that the web series is somewhat overhyped and, in my opinion, nowhere near to Sacred Games /or Gangs of Wasseypur. Excel Entertainment (co-produced by Farhan Akhtar) must have worked hard to promote this web series.

    mirzapur vs sacred games

    When mirzapur season 2 will release : October 23, 2020

    Overall, my rating for season one is 8/10, and I’m hoping Mirzapur season 2 will exceed all expectations.

  • Feluda

    “Feluda: Shabash Topshe” – Do you know the Bengali meaning of Shabash?

    ‘Shabash Topse’ – this way, number of times, Bengalis most beloved fictional detective ‘Feluda’ used to praise his cousin assistant ‘Topesh’. We the’ Feluda’ lovers, familiar to it very much.

    But any idea why the word shabash is used to praise someone or, something? from where it has come?

    One of the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran from 1501-1736 was the Safavid dynasty. And 5th Shahvid Shah of Iran was Shah Abbas or, Abbas the Great. He did reign between 1588 – 1629. The Safavid King is considered the greatest ruler of Persian history. The King, not only had an outstanding knowledge of warfare but, administration, architect-sculpture & so many things. In his time the Ottoman Empire was the greatest threat to Iranian Emperors & he prevented them.  

    Under his leadership, Iran developed the Ghilman system where thousands of Circassian, Georgian, Armenian slave-soldiers join the civil-administration & army. Thus he managed to eclipse the power of Qizilbash in the civil-administration & defeat the Ottomans & Uzbeks in war. He moved his Kingdom’s capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, making the city pinnacle of Safavid architecture. He improved the infrastructure & roads of his Kingdom; build hotels for pilgrims and bridges to connect places. Also his capital Isfahan was then called ‘Nesafh e Jahan’ (half of the world).

    Shah Abbas

    The Persian word ‘Shabash’ came from the name of Shah Abbas and to praise something or, someone’s achievement, the word is used.

    Henceforth the word Shabash is adapted not just to Indian languages but Georgian, Azerbaijan, Turkish, and many others.

    Mal Mash Importance

  • Aashram web series at MX player

    Aashram season 1 review: Japnaam soars the OTT platform

    Aashram, the latest web series on MX player is an Indian crime drama engrossed with caste discrimination, blind followers of godman, and eventually becoming victims of these fake saints. With a gripping & convincing storyline, director Prakash Jha precisely has connected the dots of Hindu casteism, religion, politics, socio-political affairs that will make you thrilled. Not much of a typical strong language, sex, violence but with simple content, subtle screenplay, and solid performance makes you glued to the screen.

    Aashram chapter 1 rating: 7/10

    [For the deep inside structure of fraud Hindu ashram, though I wanted to reserve 1 extra for the climax in Season 2]

    Aashram Director: Prakash Jha

    The series forays into India’s caste discrimination system where a Dalit girl Pammi, (Aaditi Phankar) who is also a wrestler, became a victim of casteism. When Pammi & Satti (Tushar Pandey) are dejected fighting against all odds and about to give up every hope of life, godman “Kashipur wale Nirala Baba” (Bobby Deol) emerges as a messiah. Thus, Pammi became an avid follower of baba and chose the path of devotion and gave up her career, family to join the Aashram as Sadvi (female devotee of the ashram) with her brother Satti. Both Aaditi and Tushar are outstanding in their pivotal characters throughout the season.

    Aashram cast:

    Bobby Deol as a godman “Nirala Baba”, with his trusted man Bhopa (Chandan Roy Sanyal) made the Aashram a powerhouse of the society. The main intention of the Aashram is to control millions of poor, superstitious, underprivileged minds with eloquent prayers “Japnaam” & “Babaji ki Sada hi Jai”. But behind the scene, they smuggle drugs, influence elections, buy politicians, and are involved in rape, prostitution, murder, and many more.

    Bobby Deol, played the wicked baba who is the mastermind behind all con-activities, gets to the skin of the character and undoubtedly it’s his best onscreen performance. More so I’ve become a big fan of Bhopa with his strong screen presence as a manager of Aashram office with many grey-shaded fellows. Bhopa rarely uses a gun unless you’ll find him calmly preying with the folded hand “Baba Jaane sab ki Maan ki Baat, Japnaam Japnaam !!!”

    Baba and Bhopa

    Parallel to the Aashram’s inside story, there’s a murder mystery when a skeleton is discovered in town; sub-inspector Ujagar Singh (Darshan Kumaar), who is probing this case suspected some illegal activities going on inside the ashram. But with the growing Govt & political influence, it’s too difficult for Ujagar to continue the investigation. Towards the end of the season, Nirala baba wanted to attract youth to the ashram and by sexual desire, he intentionally emasculates (Suddikaran, as Aashram called it) Satti to get to his wife Babita (Tridha Chowdhury).

    Aashram season 2 prelude

    Will there be a window of opening for Ujagar to enter the ashram? How Pammi will take revenge when she’ll get to know the real baba? I’m very curious to know what is stored in the next season. With the recent developments in both Aashram’s inside and outside events, will that be enough to reveal the Aashram secret? Well, you’ll have to wait for the full picture in Aashram season 2.

    Overall, the best part of this web series is the message towards the society, when someone surrenders to a holy man based upon just blind faith, should ask questions why, how, what – otherwise can be exploited badly.

    Aashram chapter 2 review: Is it good or an average watch?

    “Hamaare desh main log vishwas karna shuru karte hai toh baad (flood) si aa jaati hai” – is the best one from baba in this series. This web series reminds me of the real story of Ram Rahim Baba and his trusted aide Honey Preet for their similar con activities a few years back, ultimately put to the Jail.


    AASHRAM is currently streaming on MX player OTT platform which is free unlike Prime, Netflix, SonyLiv, or others; in season 1, there’re only 9 episodes around 45-50mins each.

    How much will you rate this web series out of 10, let us know in the comment box below?

  • JL50 on Sony Liv

    JL50 Review – Is it worth streaming?

    JL50 is a time travel thriller via Indian mythology. In this real world, there’re so many stories & incidents that claimed real without any clinching evidence, that’s why the time travel concept is also considered a paradox. The theory simply states that with or without a time machine, we can travel to the past & future. There is a concept of space-time curvature and wormhole, if one can find the coordinates of wormholes in space-time curvature, he/she can travel to the past or future through that.

    Director – Shailender Vyas

    Cast – Abhay Deol, Pankaj kapoor, Ritika Anand, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma

    Ratings – 7/10 (extra 0.5 for the unique time travel movie genre)

    Realised in – Sony Liv

    In the Western world, there are so many time travel novels & movies, few popular ones are: ‘Harry Potter’ series, ‘Interstellar’, ‘The Lake House’, ‘Insidious’ & many more. JL50 web series is a pioneer to portray time travel to Indian audiences.

    JL50 is a thriller series, so without spoiling the charm, let’s go straight to the storyline – it’s in the hills of West Bengal where a plane is found crashed. CBI gets the intelligence that a flight AO26 has been hijacked. Hence the team goes to the spot in suspect that the crushed plane is the hijacked one but found it’s another flight JL50. There are only two survivors found in the cockpit – the pilot (played Ritika Anand) & another passenger (played Piyush Mishra) while all other passengers are burned badly. Investigation reveals that the JL50 took off from the then Calcutta airport 35 years ago in 1984 and crashed in 2019. So the question arises where was JL50 since these 35 years? Shantanu (Abhay Deol) & Gauranga (Rajesh Sharma) then starts the investigation to find if it’s a staged incident or real?

    Quantum physicist B.C Mitra was a passenger of the flight JL50; so what was he doing in the cockpit? Prof. Das was a trustworthy assistant of Scientist Mitra then; now after 35 years how he is connected to this? What is the fact of flight AO26 hijacking? Who is the separatist organization leader & how he and scientist Mitra connected? Pilot Bihu Ghosh was pregnant in 1984 & gave birth to a boy said born dead; was the boy dead? If not then what happened to the boy & how he is also connected to this plot? All these questions in this thriller answered very satisfactorily. The ending has been rested on the viewer’s explanation. They can conclude it was real-time travel or, just imagination; but there is a clue where the director clears his intention, viewers have to spot that.

    The camera angles and editing are very good. The screenplay is engaging. There is a clue for season 2. Unlike ‘Avenger-Endgame’ here time travel to the past do not create a parallel present rather it indicates that if we change something in past it reflects on the present. This treatment makes the theme more understandable to the audience.

    Web series on OTT platforms are nowadays getting cliché of dark contents like crime-mafia-drug-sex; hence the subject line of this web series is unique & producers must deserve my eulogy. Viewers will certainly applaud to explore & enjoy a new genre in the Indian OTT Platform which can be enjoyed by sitting together with family.


    So, did you like JL50 web series? Do let us know in the comment section?

  • Kolkata Biriyani

    The history behind Kolkata Biryani – best Biryani restaurant in Kolkata

    The name Biryani is originated from two Persian words ‘Birinj’ (means rice) & ‘Biryan’ (means to roast), it’s an orthodox dish of roasted rice with meat. Though it was originated in Persia, brought to India by the Mughals. Nowadays a fusion way of cooking, even Fish (Hilsa), Prawn, or vegetables can also be roasted with rice to form different forms of fusion Biryanis.

    Why is Kolkata biryani different from others?

    In India, orthodox Biryani has mainly four gharanas (cooking style based on different places) – Mughal Biryani, Oudhi Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani & South-Indian Biryani. Kolkata can offer you all the original style of Biryanis in yellow-colored aromatic basmati rice with added potato, tender meat along a very special signature touch of saffron & kewra water. There’re some most popular Biryani cuisines in Kolkata, let’s unveil their uniqueness.

    Why does Kolkata biryani have potatoes?

    Potato or Aaloo is a very special ingredient in Kolkata Biriyani. It is said that when Nawab of Lucknow Wajid Ali Shah exiled to Kolkata by the British & settled in the Metiabruz area. He had a shortage of money, that’s why to restrict the cost & amount of meat in biryani, the deep-fried potato was added by his chefs, formed a new signature style. Slightly sweet in taste Kolkata biryani has the meat marinated in yogurt, red chili powder, turmeric & salt. Lighter use of whole spices like nutmeg, green cardamom, cinnamon, mace, cloves, and of course saffron, adds a very unique flavor indeed.

    Another version is the Portuguese bought potatoes in India. And that time the imported potato was a very special delicacy. Hence to make the biryani special, Kolkata biriyani meets potato.

    kolkata biryani recipe

    Arsalan Biryani

    Here Biriyani is a bit oilier & spicier but very much consistent in taste & flavor. The quantity and quality are balanced too. The original branch is in Park circus though there’re many franchise outlets across the city and the one in Chinar park you shouldn’t miss out.

    28, Circus Avenue, Near 7 Point Crossing, Park Circus Area

    Arsalan Address

    Royal Biryani –

    Located in busy Esplanade area, here biriyani is a bit spicier but very interesting fact is unlike other biryani in Kolkata, Royal biryani comes without potato (aaloo). They replace the potato with small meatballs (called “moti”) and ‘makhna” (used mostly in rezala dishes). This innovative twist makes Royal biryani exceptional.

    Oudh 1590 Deshapriya Park

    Here the biriyani is Oudhi (Lucknow) style. This biryani is prepared in a little bit over-cooked style with richness but less spicy. This is invented to serve the need of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah (Nawab of Lucknow) and as a tribute to him. The Nawab had weak teeth so biryani must be soft on the palate. Oudhi gharana signature recipe overwhelmed your palate here.

    Shop 23/B, Desapriya Park

    Oudh 1590 Address

    Biriyani recipe

    Aminia Biryani-

    Biriyani here in Aminia is less spicy/ less oily but without compromising the taste of course. So comparatively it’s healthier when it comes to the famous double mutton biryani which also offers lesser rice. Don’t forget to ask for “virgin mojito” here. It also has many franchise outlets across the city to serve you over Swiggy/ Zomato.

    6A, S.N. Banerjee Road, New Market Area

    Aminia Address

    Zam Zam Biryani-

    Another authentic biriyani junction at Kidderrpore is of course Zamzam. Here most special delicacy is beef-biryani. If you can go with beef then, Beef biryani with beef-malai & ghol (yogurt sharbat) is a must here.

    (i) 28/A, Syed Amir Ali Avenue

    (ii) 9/1, Noor Ali Lane, Entally

    Zam zam address

    India Restaurants

    This is at Kidderpore or Khidirpur, and here the biryani variety is ‘dariyabadi biryiani’, which is a form of ‘Kacchi Biryani’. It consists of dry fruits and the delicacy is very special.

    34, Karl Marx Sarani, Kidderpore

    India Restaurant

    Dada Boudi Biryani Barrackpore / Dada Boudi Biryani Sodepur

    This restaurant is located far north of the city Barrackpore & Sodepur area. The Biryani here is very rich, spicier, and oilier but you’ll be surprised to see a large size chicken or mutton piece. The salad and special green chatni add a true delicacy to it.

    12/10, S.N. Bannerjee Road, Barrackpore

    Dada Boudi Biryani

    Shiraz Biryani

    75 years old this traditional outlet’s biryani is exceptional because of its delicate taste, meat recipe in biryani & the potato which adds a perfect symphony.

    135, Behind Neuro Science Hospital, Park Circus, Beniapukur, Park Street Area

    Shiraz Address

    Let us know which one is your favourite biryani corner in Kolkata in the comment box?

    If you want to order authentic juicy plum cakes in Kolkata lets try Shree’s Kitchen

  • ms dhoni, captain cool

    Dhoni, the captain cool finishes off in style on 15th of Aug’20

    When I saw captain cool MS Dhoni’s Instagram post about his retirement, all his match-winning thrilling knocks started playing in the flashbacks and especially the exclaimed commentary by Ravi Shastri at the World Cup final nine years back “Dhoni finishes off in style, a magnificent strike into the crowd, India lift the World Cup after 28 years…”.

    Captain cool the wicketkeeper

    I can easily recall his debut days in 2003-04, ODI wicket-keeping was more of a part-timer position, Rahul Dravid already cemented himself with his unquestionable batting skills ahead of Parthiv Patel and Dinesh Karthik. Right then the flamboyant boy from Ranchi came, saw, and conquered with the special “match-winning” skill that the Indian cricket team always lacks in the likes of a wicketkeeper-batsman. He had a special knack of playing not-out winning knocks while India chasing in final overs (45th -50th over) that no one ever produced with such heavy-hitting and consistency.

    A stumper, hard-hitter who turned into a natural captain and displayed how to win all three formats of ICC tournaments – ICC World Cup in 2011, T20 World Cup in 2007, ICC Champion trophy in 2013. Arguably the best runner between the wickets started his cricketing career with a run-out duck in 2004 and ironically ended his career in the World cup semifinal 2019 getting run out again!

    ODI Top 5 of Dhoni in India colors, my personal favorites

    • 91* against Sri Lanka – World Cup 2011 (Six to seize the World Cup)
    • 183* against Sri Lanka – 2005 (With his charismatic long hair, a fantastic chasing once again, ten sixes in that innings)
    • 44* against Australia – at Adelaide in 2012 (giant six in the last over, a thriller to watch)
    • 50* against Sri Lanka – at Adelaide in 2008 (last over thriller again)
    • 46* in the rain-shortened match against West Indies 2009 (Six in the last over, a thriller to watch)

    Dhoni’s Indian Premier League (IPL) career is even more glorified than his Test/ ODI career, he is the face of the Chennai Super Kings franchise with three IPLs titles (2010/ 2011/ 2018) and two Champions League titles (2010/ 2014). He has made the most number of dismissals, the most number of catches, stumpings & many records in IPL so far. Thus CSK tweeted recently “MS will play for CSK as long as he wants as a captain”.

    Despite terrific bat swing, the fierce hard-hitting capability it is very surprising how he could absorb all the emotions inside him even after hitting a six and win a World Cup for India, that’s why he is named “Captain Cool”, the most successful captain of Indian cricket team ever with 27 Test wins surpassed Sourav Ganguly’s 21 Test win record.


    He was also one of the fittest cricketers who led by example with numerous catches behind the stump and won countless matches for India with stumping, gloving skills.

    With his greatness, Dhoni has been the recipient of many prestigious awards like “Padma Bhusan”, “Padmashree” and honorary “Lieutenant Colonel” by Territorial Army. Wish him all the luck for his leftover IPL’20 career and next innings of life.

    Let us share your memories, thoughts about the legend in the comment section.

  • Gunjan Saxena the Kargil Girl

    “Gunjan Saxena the Kargil Girl” movie review

    Movie: Gunjan Saxena the Kargil Girl

    Director: Sharan Sharma

    Cast:  Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Manav Vij, Vineet Kumar Singh, Angad Bedi

    Rating: 5.5/10 (pretty average out of which extra 1.5 for the storyline)

    Gunjan Saxena release date: 12 August 2020 (Netflix)

    Nepotism, the most in question word of nowadays among movie buffs & common people after the tragic demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput; which again comes into highlight with the Gunjan Saxena movie release, as the lead actor is Janhvi Kapoor produced by Karan Johar, Dharma Production.


    Gunjan Saxena is an Indian Air Force (IAF) Pilot who fought 1999 Kargil war with great valour & won Shaurya Chakra. In that 90’s girls were not welcome in all professions especially in Defence Services. So in that way flight lieutenant Gunjan Saxena’s dream fulfilling story is a perfect motivational example for those girls who dream to fly to touch that sky. Here script writer Nikhil Malhotra (who was also co-script writer of blockbuster movie ‘Dangal’) & director Sharan Sharma choose to portray  the journey not in a biopic way but in a sentimental father-daughter relationship way.


    Lucknow girl Gunjan dreams to fly plane, become pilot since her childhood days. Her mother & brother discourage her in every stage pointing out its not the girl’s job but, her father who is a colonel in Indian Army, fully supports her to fly for her dream. She first tried to be pilot but course fees of the institution were beyond their permissible limits. Then she found an advertisement where Indian Air Force was opening doors first time for female candidates. She opted for that and from now on her actual fight starts; sometimes it is her medical disabilities, sometimes fellow colleague’s point of view towards female cadets. Her sortie cancelled frequently as no male co-pilot want to be with her in sky; she do not have separate female rest room, facing difficulty to change uniforms; in every way her colleagues, commanding officer pointing her out that IAF is not right the place for her.  In family her mother & brother who is an Indian Army officer also pulling her back in every way. With her father’s support she overcomes all obstacles towards her goal. That is the motion of screenplay.


    The film actually does focus on two things: one is father-daughter relationship & other is Gunjan’s survival in IAF.  Here the film somehow depicting Armed Forces in such a negative way that passes wrong message to young female aspirants. On this ground IAF officially asks explanation to the production house. Although our former Army General Mr. Bipin Rawat said once that, female cadets cannot join infantry division & writers may defend with creative liberty, but the IAF’s present stand is very logical indeed & supportive to our constitutional rights also. The real fact is that female cadets are serving Indian Air force, Indian Navy & Indian Army very efficiently & armed forces never discriminate.


    In the film Gunjan was trying to pursue pilot training programme once after her 10th exam, again after 12th exam & every time she comes to know that rules have changed. This is not practical because in real life the aspirants for any course generally gather all necessary information before go for it. The film does focus only on her Kargil mission but not her any other mission though those are mentioned in after credit line. The dialogue where Gunjan says “main plane chalana chati hoon is liye air force join kiya; mujhme desprem ki koi baat nahi. Kya yeah desh ke saath gaddari to nahi?” And her father’s reply “pyar se, imandari se apna kaam karna hi deshprem he. Air force ko Bharat mata ki jai bolke chillane wale nahi chahiye” is unnecessarily pulling attention to recent political activities. The proud moments in the film you can feel as you are aware of the valour of real Gunjan Saxena not for the acting of Janhvi Kapoor.


    In script, Janhvi Kapoor had all the moments, emotions to portray real Gunjan in a convincing way but she fails. The body language, dialogue delivery, facial expressions are the props of actors to convince viewers with the character he/she plays.  Considering that new comer Janhvi is yet to reach that stage of acting, her expressions are even not that mature to do minimum justice with the character. Thats why nepotism issue arises. Pankaj Tripathi is outstanding as expected. He played father’s character in other movies very convincingly also but here he is holding high by delivering the exact flavour of the character. Manav Vij & Vineet Kumar Singh are excellent. In their dual scenes with Janhvi her slip ups can be senses more. Angad Vedi in his feudal role had nothing much to deliver.


    Keeping in mind the real Gunjan Saxena for her great dream, courage, valour & inspirational fight back legacy, the film is a must watch. 

  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui

    Raat Akeli Hai movie review:

    Movie:- Raat Akeli Hai

    Director:- Honey Trehan

    Cast:- Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Shweta Tripathi, Aditya Shrivastava

    Ratings:- 6.5/10

    Released in Netflix

    A murder, too many suspects & an investigating officer- with all the necessary ingredients, crime detection movie Raat Akeli Hai released on the Netflix web platform. Its ‘locked room mystery’ concept reminds us of the famous Agatha Christie novel, ‘Knives Out’. This film is just not a ‘who done it’ type crime detection movie but very much a social film in the wrap of crime-thrill-detection, revealing a story of violence against women.


    The movie starts with a double murder in Highway. A truck smashed out a car. An injured woman is trying to come out from that smashed rolled over the car & then truck driver chopped her throat down. The story moves on 5 years and we found a very influential person in Kanpur Raghubir Singh, assassinated on the very night of his marriage.  Raghubir Singh’s kept Radha (Radhika Apte) was the bride. Inspector Jatil Yadav (Nawazuddin Siddique) gets entry to investigate.

    Here Jatil Singh is not only the name of the investigating officer but overall the journey is jatil’ (complex) also. Underneath the murder mysteries, the story reveals to us not only the exploitation of women in a patriarchal society but also the peculiar mindset of the same society where a man believes fairness cream can help him to get the desired bride. That is why a crime thriller unveils to us not only the culprits but the psychology of different humans & society too.


    Director Honey Trehan was the casting director of Vishal Bhardwaj before and Assistant Director of Abhishek Dubey also. Hence their influence – exploring dark humor in society, is found here. The cinematography, Lighting, color palate is extraordinary. The camera work is creative, the use of the Poly-Sound effect is interesting; the scenes did not end but the background music changes to connect with the next scene- that is splendid.  


    As the pattern of the film demands, the run-time of the film is too lengthy, hence sometimes not so engaging though it is must in crime-thriller. The climax scene is interesting but can be approached more engagingly & rationally. Actually in the way of depicting characters, the tight engaging treatment of crime-thriller movie slips up a little bit.  


    Nawazuddin Siddique is just outstanding but Radhika Apte also does so; in some scenes, her screen presence seems to push him indeed. Another outstanding performer is Sweta Tripathi.  The most underrated actor of Bollywood Aditya Shrivastava showed his class here too. Other actors like Ila Arun, Swanand Kirkire, Shivani Raghuvanshi & Tigmanshu Dhullia did very much justice with their roles.

  • Vidya Balan

    Shakuntala Devi movie review:

    Movie: – Shakuntala Devi

    Director: – Anu Menon

    Cast: – Vidya Balan, Sanya Malhotra, Jisshu Sengupta, Amit Sadh

    Overall Ratings: – 5/10

    Shakuntala Devi release date on Amazon: 31st July 2020

    After Gulabo Sitabo (Amazon Prime) and Dil Bechara (Hotstar) Bollywood movies, the digital streaming trend continues with ‘Shakuntala Devi’ movie, released on Amazon Prime. This movie is actually not a biopic but the journey of a genius mother from her daughter’s eyes.

    Shakuntala Devi is a genius mathematician, holds a place in ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ & popularly familiar as ‘The Human Computer’; but as a mother, as a wife, as a person how she is- here director Anu Menon tried to unfold that from the point of view of another woman, her daughter.


    Shakuntala devi review: 


    The story starts from a low-middle class family in Bangalore where we can see how little Shakuntala is growing up. With her father she is performing math-magic in ‘Math-Shows’ in various colleges, universities; computing hard to harder calculations in seconds and  letting viewers dumbfound, spellbound.  She is not only achieving claps & fame but earning money also. She grows up and the things continued; spreading all around the world. Her extra-ordinary skill & confidence has endowed with more money, more fame & more ambition. Love comes to her life; hence marriage & daughter. And conflict with the daughter also. From this point, the focus shifted to that & continues till the end. The journey of ‘Human Computer’ Sakuntala Devi (once who proved the machine computer wrong) just become an ambitious mother-deprived daughter ego conflict drama.


    The creative liberty taken by director will confuse viewers that what is actual & what is just for the sake of drama. The ‘human’ part of the human computer, portrayed in screen in such a way where viewers find her a self-centred, highly ambitious woman. Her flamboyant presentation of math -shows in typical Indian attire makes the scenes loudly melodramatic. Dialogue writer Ishita Moitra & writer Nayanika Mahtani creates the comic situations, mostly dialogues, in a very louder way. The way of English spoken in 60’s/70’s presented there in dialogues in desolated way.


    Sanya Malhotra, portrayed her character ‘Anupama’ very genuinely especially in conflict scenes where the character gets vulnerable. Jisshu Sengupta & Amit Sadh played their character reliably with proper screen presence. And above all Vidya Balan, is her movie; as usual, a fine actor like her depicted the character with all the shades appreciably but it is not up to her as the character has been written in such a melodramatic way.


    Actually, the all-women brigade of director Anu Menon, writer Nayanika Mahanti , Ishita Moitra & editor Antara Lahiri put the script & screenplay very melodramatically in a typical Bollywood way. Every scene is coming with a statement hidden. The making is like ‘Twelve Stages of the Hero’ a fairy tale type. On homosexuality, a book (The World of Homosexuals) was written by Shakuntala Devi is also mentioned here but without context. In 1987 Shakuntala Devi was the patron of The Institute of Indian Astrology and there are some controversies in her approach & statements regarding astrology. As the script is in typical larger than lifestyle hence all the grey controversial slip-ups have not been touched.  Although Shakuntala Devi & her genius is in pubic after all these years, that is also a good thing.